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Strategic Advisory Council Update

The Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) includes 26 representatives from nonprofit and community organizations within the Greater Austin Area and two Impact Austin Co-chairs. The SAC meets quarterly.


The Impact Austin Strategic Advisory Council was established to:

  • connect Impact Austin with community leaders to strengthen and diversify our membership and grant making

  • share expertise, diverse knowledge of constituent perspectives and connections to resources and colleagues

  • make recommendations to the Board of Directors on strategic and outreach matters


September 28, 2021

Council members ideated and identified four major issues that are affecting Central Texas communities and nonprofit organizations:

  1. Racial equity, institutional and systemic racism

  2. Economic equity & empowerment

  3. Capacity building, infrastructure

  4. Funding

Following this meeting, members completed a survey to set priorities for the themes and sub-themes that emerged from the discussion.

During the subsequent council meetings in January and April 2022, members prioritized and drilled down to further identify actions that Impact Austin could take to address the four major issues. These recommendations will be summarized for review with the Impact Austin Strategic Planning Committee.

January 19, 2022

Council members prioritized ideas that were identified in the racial and economic equity categories.

April 20, 2022

Council members prioritized ideas that were identified in the capacity building and funding categories.


Learn more about the Strategic Advisory Council and its members here. And check out this article for the background of the SAC and why Lorene Phillips and Becky Austen are its enthusiastic leaders.

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