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Our membership requirements are simply to identify as female and to donate $1,250 each year. Using a collective giving model, we combine $1,000 of each contribution to fund large, high-impact grants that we award annually. We also apply a $250 per member investment toward education initiatives and operations. 


If you choose, you can then participate in the grant selection process. Our members review grant applications, ask questions, and visit potential partners to see how our dollars will make a difference. We award grants to those applicants we think will make the most positive impact on the lives of people throughout the greater Austin area.

From social events to meet current and prospective members, to joining a committee, to reviewing grant applications -- there are a variety of opportunities for members to get involved.


However, there is no time commitment required. Some members simply like knowing their donation will be put to good use in the community.

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Join us as we make a positive impact in our community by leveraging the power of collective giving.

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Please note: Membership dues paid with stock are $1,300, as we pay a $50 service fee to Austin Community Foundation for the transaction. 

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