Impact Austin combines donations from its members to award multiple grants each year to causes selected by our members.

Impact Austin invites nonprofits to request funding for programs, capacity-building initiatives, or both, in four focus areas: Community, Education, Equity, and Health & Well-Being. All categories will support applications from single organizations or collaborative groups of organizations. We will have two grant cycles per year, spring and fall, and two focus areas per cycle, as detailed below. Grant amounts will be based on membership levels and announced at the start of each grant cycle.

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Save the date for Impact Austin's Nonprofit Workshop! 


Impact Austin will host our Spring grant cycle workshop to educate the nonprofit community on how to apply for an Impact Austin grant. The virtual workshop will include a presentation followed by a panel discussion with Impact Austin leaders and a past grant recipient to provide insight into the grants cycle and answer questions. 

2022 Spring Nonprofit Workshop

Thursday, January 6, 2022

4:00 - 5:30 PM


Registration coming soon!

Registration closes Wednesday, January 5, 2022 at 5:00 PM.


Can't make it to the live Nonprofit Workshop?

Don't worry! You can still learn about the application process and gain insights into key criteria we use for evaluation by  watching the recording and reviewing the resources below from our June 30, 2021 Nonprofit Workshop! 


In June 2022, Impact Austin will award grants in two focus areas: Community and Education. The grant amounts will be announced on January 10, 2022. Two finalists will be selected in each focus area and voted upon by the members. The finalist in each focus area receiving the majority votes will be awarded a restricted grant that is 80% of the total grant amount, and the other finalist will be awarded an unrestricted grant that is 20% of the total grant amount. 



Award Date

Girls Giving Grants*

Girls Giving Grants*

To improve the lives of youth in the community

April 2022

Community Grant

Community Grant

To enhance economic, social, environmental or cultural initiatives

June 2022

Education Grant

Education Grant

To enhance education and learning

June 2022

Equity Grant

Equity Grant

To advance equity for women and/or girls of color

November 2022

Health & Well-Being Grant

Health & Well-Being Grant

To strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families, or positively impact the mental or physical health and wellness of people

November 2022


Thank you for your interest in applying for an Impact Austin grant.

* For a Girls Giving Grants Grant, visit apply for g3 grants

2022 Impact Austin Spring grant applications open for submission on Monday, January 10, 2022.

Applications are due by Tuesday, February 8, 2022 at 5:00 PM CT.

Before you begin, please carefully review the Eligibility Guidelines, Grants Calendar, and Application Process summarized below and explained with more detail in the Impact Austin Grant Application GuidelinesOnce you are ready, use the "Open Grants Management System" button below to create or update your Agency Profile and begin your application. Your Agency Profile is unique to your organization based on EIN so it is important you enter your EIN accurately.

If your organization has previously applied for an Impact Austin grant, your organization already has an Agency Profile in our system. If you don't know if your organization has applied before, or you do not know the email address to login to your organization's Agency Profile in our system, please contact us and we can help you.


Grant Eligibility Guidelines

The organization submitting an application must be a public charity (not private foundation) with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Applicants applying as a collaborative must identify one lead organization to submit the application, and that organization must meet the eligibility guidelines.

A proposal must:

  • Provide services in Bastrop, Hays, Travis, and/or Williamson counties, Texas
  • Plan to expend the grant funds within 24 months
  • Use the entire grant amount (no partial grants)
  • Identify the focus area for the application (Community, Education, Equity, Health & Well-Being). Impact Austin does not provide guidance as to which focus area is appropriate.

A proposal can:

  • Support initiatives: existing initiatives, expansion of initiatives, or new initiatives that target a specific population, last for a specific duration, and aim to achieve specific, measurable goals; and/or
  • Support capacity: strengthen or grow a nonprofit organization to improve its future performance, impact, and sustainability in support of its mission and vision, producing measurable results for the organization by the end of the grant period.

Please review the more detailed Eligibility section in the Impact Austin Grant Application Guidelines before submitting your application. Impact Austin has the right to reassess the eligibility guidelines at any time.



  • 01/06/2022 - Impact Austin 2022 Nonprofit Workshop
  • 01/10/2022 - Grant applications open for submission
  • 02/08/2022 - Grant applications close at 5:00 PM CT
  • 03/10/2022 - Initial grant review decisions communicated
  • 04/07/2022 - Semifinalist decisions communicated
  • 04/21/2022-04/23/2022 - Site visits
  • 05/05/2022 - Finalist decisions communicated; all other applicants declined by this date
  • 05/06/2022 - Finalist training
  • 05/17/2022 - Impact Austin member voting begins
  • 06/06/2022 - Impact Austin Annual Meeting; announce Community Partners
  • 07/01/2022 - Spring grant awards issued

Mark your calendars!

Impact Austin's Grants Calendar highlights important dates including: information and training sessions, application deadlines, key tasks, communications, and events. You'll also find the Grants Calendar in the Impact Austin Grant Application Guidelines.


  • 06/29/2022 - Impact Austin 2022 Fall Nonprofit Workshop
  • 07/08/2022 - Grant applications open for submission
  • 08/01/2022 - Grant applications close at 5:00 PM CT
  • 09/01/2022 - Initial grant review decisions communicated
  • 09/22/2022 - Semifinalist decisions communicated
  • 10/06/2022-10/08/2022 - Site visits
  • 10/20/2022 - Finalist decisions communicated; all other applicants declined by this date
  • 10/21/2022 - Finalist training
  • 11/02/2022 - Impact Austin member voting begins
  • 11/15/2022 - Impact Austin Town Hall Meeting; announce Community Partners
  • 12/01/2022 - Fall grant awards issued


1. Submit Grant Application

Organizations must submit the grant application online via the Impact Austin Grant Management System by the submission deadline, including supplemental documents.

Please review the Impact Austin Grant Application Guidelines for all necessary details, including application process, deadlines, and required documents.

When you are ready to complete your grant application, please access the Grants Management System.

Applicants receive an email acknowledgement when the submission is complete. Impact Austin Grant Review Committee members evaluate all grant applications, select about six organizations in each focus area for further review, then select three to four semifinalists to participate in site visits. Applicants are notified at each stage.

Impact Austin reserves the right to reject an application for any reason, including a missed deadline or incomplete information.

3. Attend Impact Austin Annual Meeting (Spring) or Town Hall (Fall)

Impact Austin sends information about each finalist to all Impact Austin members. We invite representatives from each finalist organization to make a five-minute presentation to the membership regarding your organization and the proposed initiative. Impact Austin members then vote to select grant recipients in each focus area.

Finalists participate in the Impact Austin Annual Meeting (Spring) or Town Hall (Fall) to be recognized for their grant awards. The format of the presentations and award meetings (in person or virtual) will be determined closer to the meeting dates.

2. Conduct a Site Visit

Impact Austin uses site visits with semifinalists to complete a general due diligence review, and to investigate and resolve any remaining questions regarding the organization or the proposed initiative. The visits may be conducted virtually or in person; the format and required attendees will be communicated to semifinalists when they are selected.

Following the site visit, Grant Review Committee members select and notify two finalists.


Important documents and resources have been consolidated in the list below for reference.

​ If you have questions, please email us at grants@impactaustin.org.

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