Introducing the Impact Austin Philanthropy Circle!


A new and formal title to honor and encourage a loving practice already in place. Many of our members make gifts beyond their dues payments to bolster Impact Austin’s mission. Going forward, the Philanthropy Circle will be one vehicle for such annual support.

Why should you join the Impact Austin Philanthropy Circle?


We are strongest when we give together. Impact Austin members already contribute to a fund of grantmaking monies every year. That generosity has funded $7.4 million in community grants. Our dues also include a portion that partially underwrites the cost of our work - but only partially. Funding provided by Philanthropy Circle members will offer additional investment in member support, outreach and education programs, as well as communications, technology, and grant management systems.

You can learn more about the Philanthropy Circle in our blog post here!

Thanks to the support of our members and friends, Impact Austin raised $79,101 toward our 2020 goal of $100,000.


We warmly acknowledge all those that have made donations to support the Impact Austin Philanthropy Circle. Total above and list below represents gifts received January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020.



Mary Blegen

Allison Marshall

Judith McCarthy

Susan Palombo

Kathy Terry


($2,500 - $4,999)

Becky Austen

Ellen Bleiweiss

Christine Egli
Jessica Forrest

Tonya Martinez

Sherry & Gerald Merfish

Linda Oliviera

Melissa Patel

Rebecca Powers

Laurie Roach

Ann Sperling-Kennedy


($1,000 - $2,499)

Ansley Carruth

Stefanie Cavanaugh

Jenny Cotner

Karen Courter

Deanna DeHaven

Carol & Katie Dochen

Kathryn Drew

Laura Kane

Ferne Kyba

Connie Lawyer

Gail Mitchell

Emily Moreland

Ann Morris

Nancy Mutscher

Joanna Nolte

Zelina Novoa

Sara Pantin

Jesse Portillo

Michelle Rankin

Jacqueline Rixen

Audra Sawicki

Amy Shimota

Gergana Slavova

Kathy Spicer

Brandy Whiteside

Nancy Word


($500 - $999)

Chris Cavner

Susan Crews

Dinah Dinwiddie

Sarah Elliot

Katherine Hogle

Meeta Kothare

Christiana Levy

Dina Mavridis

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin H. Miller

Katherine Mudge

Elizabeth Cooley Nelson

Tonya Netzley

Lorene Phillips

Palmer Quaroni

Kali' Rourke

Katie Simoes

Susan Tormollen


($250 - $499)

Julie Allen

Jan Anderson

Meg Arnold

Christine Bauer

Darlene Bosking

Helen Brauner

Claudia Chidester

Kay Creath

Kim Davis

Monica Deal

Susan DeGraffenfied

Ashley Dougherty

Teresa Elliott

Kathleen Ellis

Cynthia Gorczynski

Gloria Hughes

Laura James

Elaine Jensen

Julie Judson

Ann Kasper

Paula Klante

Kelly Kolodzey

Jennifer Korba

Jane Leedom

Phil Loewy

Nancee Lottman

Kathleen Mack

Alice Womack Marsel

Amy McCaffrey

Melissa McDermott

Joanna McDonald

Karen McLinden

Brett Merfish

Audra Morris

Jeri Muhich

Piper Nelson

Amreen Rajabali

Bethany Rennie

Rita Selvaggi

Denise Shannon

Jennifer Shields

Patty Steinwedell

Marla Whelan

Jeanne White


  • C2CMedia.png

    presented by IA Member 

    Deanna DeHaven

  • DellEMC.png

    presented by IA Member

    Melissa Patel

  • Leadership Austin.png

    presented by IA Member 

    Michelle Rankin

  • MillerIDS100.png

    presented by IA Member

    Luci Miller

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