The Rebecca Warren Powers Endowment for Impact Austin started in 2016 as an investment in our organization’s permanence.


The endowment’s growth reflects our members’ energy and commitment as we look to the future. Over time, the investment income that the endowment generates will help support Impact Austin’s annual budget. Put simply, the larger the endowment, the more operating income we earn to support the operations and mission of Impact Austin. As of June 30, 2021, our endowment totals $228,687.85.

You can learn more about the endowment in our blog post here!


If you would like to discuss the endowment and ways that you can support Impact Austin with a legacy gift, please contact Christina Gorczynski at


How can I give to the endowment?

The endowment is professionally managed by the Austin Community Foundation (ACF). Donors wishing to support The Rebecca Warren Powers Endowment for Impact Austin should make a check payable to the Austin Community Foundation and send to:

Austin Community Foundation
4315 Guadalupe Street, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78751

Note in memo of check: The Rebecca Warren Powers Endowment for Impact Austin
You can also make a donation via credit card on our donate page or contribute using appreciated stock donations and required minimum distributions from your 401(k). Detailed instructions about making this type of gift can be found here.

Why did Impact Austin establish the endowment with the Austin Community Foundation?

The endowment was established with the Austin Community Foundation (ACF), a local 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization that manages endowments for more than 70 local nonprofits as well as individual donors. Via ACF, Impact Austin will reap the benefits of gaining access to world-class investment services and receiving support from an organization focused on fostering an ecosystem of philanthropy.

How does the endowment support Impact Austin?

As the endowment grows over time, the annual distributions of investment income to Impact Austin of up to 5% of the market value of the fund will go to support our operations and the grant-making mission of Impact Austin.

Can anyone give to the endowment, or do I have to be a member of Impact Austin?

We welcome gifts from anyone who would like to support the work done by Impact Austin. The Austin Community Foundation has a robust Gift Acceptance Policy, including transfers into our endowment from existing Donor Advised Funds under their management. To discuss ways you can give, please contact Nicole Genovese, Impact Austin Office Manager.

Is there a minimum donation accepted for the endowment?

No. Impact Austin has made meaningful annual giving accessible to women from nearly all socioeconomic backgrounds and we want our endowment to offer the same access.

How do I make a gift of stock to support the endowment?

Donors can contribute using appreciated stock donations or required minimum distributions from a 401K. Detailed instructions about making this type of gift can be found here.


List below represents gifts received January 1, 2021 to October 1, 2021.

Lisa Allen

Becky Austen

Allison Bacon

Sally Barto

Denice Bettencourt

Mary Blegen

Chris Cavner

SueAnn Chandler

Valerie Colbourn

Jenny Cotner

Joanna Creamer

Kay Creath

Deanna DeHaven

Phylis Donelson

Donna Eastman

Wendy Eastman

Sarah Elliott

Jessica Forrest

Judi Glaubig

Pauline Gubbels

The Hancock Family

Sarah Harris

Ann Hart

Glenda Holmstrom

Debbie Johnson

Ann Kasper

Valerie Kirk

Kimberly Klein

Meeta Kothare

Ferne Kyba

Carol Lauder

Connie Lawyer

Kathleen Mack & John Blazier 

Allison Marshall

Dina Mavridis

Judi McCarthy

Beth McCaw

Cathi Merryman

Laura Midgley

Virginia Mills

Emily Moreland

Cindy Moreland

Katherine Mudge

Tonya Netzley

Jane Nolden

Susan Palombo

Sara Pantin

Lauren Paver

Erin Peterson

Lorene Phillips

Laura Pierce

Brad Powers

Claire Powers

Rebecca Powers

Karen Quinlan

Jacqueline Rixen

Laurie Roach

Phaedra Rogers

Kali' Rourke

Becky Ruffin

Julianne Shively

Dawn Skinner

Janet Strohmeyer

Sarah Swords

Sandra Sykora-Ross

Kim Vanderwall

Kathrine Weaver

Laurie Weaver

Shelley Weaver

Linda Welsh

Jeanne White

Alice Womack Marsel

Nancy Word

Linda Yang