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Membership Fee

The g3 membership contribution is $125 ($100 directly to the grant and $25 for g3 program materials and administration). Members pool their contributions to create a meaningful annual grant that goes to a local nonprofit chosen by g3. Scholarships are available for eligible participants, for whom the full $125 contribution would be a hardship. Contact us at for scholarship information or complete our scholarship application here.

Member registration for 2020-2021 is open Wednesday, July 15 through Friday, September 25, 2020.

Time Commitment

g3 participants commit to participate October through April, when the grant is voted on and awarded to a local nonprofit. The group generally meets twice a month on Sunday afternoons, from 2 to 4 PM. Due to the current pandemic, some or all g3 meetings may be conducted online.  


Members also conduct site visits to nonprofit finalists and are invited to attend the public grant award event. 


You can find greater detail about meetings and member expectations in the following:

Community Service Credit

Through participation in g3, members may be eligible to earn up to 25 hours of community service credit (check with your school for credit acceptance).


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Join other amazing young women to better our community while developing philanthropy expertise. ​


Attention Parents

Your employer may match your child's donation!

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