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Strategic Advisory Council Members Announced

At the June 7, 2021 Annual Meeting, Impact Austin introduced the Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) as an advisory committee of community leaders who will help strengthen and diversify our membership and grantmaking.

We've had a long history of gathering community feedback to shape our work, and the SAC takes this to a new level with a more structured and sustained approach. Council members will share their expertise and connections to support the mission and vision of Impact Austin, and make strategic recommendations to the Board of Directors.

SAC co-chairs Becky Austen and Lorene Phillips developed the council charter and operating principles this past spring. As a next step, they reached out to an impressive group of leaders who self-nominated or were recommended by colleagues and Impact Austin members. The cohort of 28 council members was finalized and approved by the Board in August. The SAC represents the diversity of our community, and over 70% of members are people of color. While many have been connected with our work, membership in Impact Austin is not a requirement to be on the council. About half the members are nonprofit professionals, with the remainder representing corporate, community and academic organizations, as well as two Austin chambers of commerce.

Nominations and self-submissions for the SAC referenced important skillsets, lived experiences, and professional expertise that will make the council stronger and its recommendations for Impact Austin all the more meaningful. How exciting that these attributes will be part of the SAC’s work!

“She knows what it is like to be one of Impact Austin’s community partners and would give that experience a voice in the council.”

“As a Latina fundraiser, she thinks critically about how racial equity can better come to life in Central Texas’ philanthropic sector.”

“… in marketing, product promotion and communication has enabled her to proactively bring focus to issues in the Austin nonprofit community.”

“…..steadfast in her support of girls and women in STEM programs.”

“I believe that Impact Austin is an organization that is very open to change and to adapt with the times and the needs of the community….”

“She is a lover of all things leadership and strives to bring that learning to her teams, peers and community to build stronger relationships and organizations.”

The SAC will hold its first meeting on September 28 and convene quarterly after that. We're excited to bring together this incredible group of leaders who care so much about our community, and we're grateful for the energy and ideas they'll bring to the council.

Paulina Artieda The New Philanthropists

Courtney Bailey Leadership Austin

Rebecca Birch Susan G. Komen®

Sylvia Butanda Latinitas

Vanessa Davila Helping Hand Home

Chelsea Dean-Martinez Girls Empowerment Network

Estevan Delgado Austin Community Foundation

Chelsea Elliott half Helen Foundation

Johanna Moya Fabregas Con Mi MADRE

Fang Fang Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce

Ana-Cristina González Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Woody Harrison Woody Harrison Films

Patricia Hayes PVH Consulting Group LLC

Carolyn Krawczyk Austin PBS

Dan Leal Seedling

Pauline Lewis Community Leader

Diana Maldonado Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber

Lynelle McKay Community Leader

Irina Meza Mission Capital

Haydee Moreno JUST Community

Dr. Rosalind Oliphant Sadler Means YWLA

Karen Ranus NAMI

Lourdes Rodríguez St. David’s Foundation

Denise Shannon Philanthropy Consultant

Ricki Wax Google

Nakeenya Wilson Huston Tillotson University


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