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Discovery Days 2022: Thriving Together Through Change - Building Trusted Partnerships

Join us for Session Two of Discovery Days 2022, our three-part educational event. With the overarching theme of "Thriving Together Through Change," Discovery Days explores growth and change in Central Texas - and what that growth means for our neighbors, nonprofit partners, and fellow funders.

Session Two: Building Trusted Partnerships | FRI, FEB 4 | 12:00 - 1:30 PM [Register Now]

Session sponsored by: Baird Private Wealth Management

Impact Austin’s community partnerships are expanding and thriving. As we increasingly embrace trust-based practices into grantmaking, we also endeavor to learn from our grantees and strategic advisors to advance equity together.

To prepare for this session, we suggest these materials on Trust-Based Philanthropy:

Building Trusted Partnerships will consider these issues, among others:

  • How can Impact Austin members actively implement Trust-Based Philanthropy (TBP) in grantmaking: applications, evaluation process, and decision-making? What are the tangible steps?

  • What are some examples of TBP in practice, including the ramifications on grantee organizations?

  • How are giving circles across the country implementing Trust-Based Philanthropy?

  • One of TBP's tenets is that funders should "solicit and act on feedback." How will Impact Austin's Strategic Advisory Council advance our organization's work in Central Texas?

Thank you to the panelists who will support this session's learning.


Lorene Phillips

Strategic Advisory Council Co-Chair, Impact Austin

Most of Lorene’s career has been working in Human Resources for Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, Dell, and Newisys, a start-up. In addition to this experience, she most recently worked for Pedernales Electric Cooperative, a power distribution company. She has managed all functions within the human resources area: compensation and benefits, staffing, management and employee development, and morale management. These functions required providing advice and counsel to all levels of management on managing the human asset, as well as developing and deploying process policies, practices, and procedures.

Lorene has served on several boards of directors including Austin Humane Society, House of Hope, Communities for Recovery, Impact Austin, and most recently Drive a Senior Central Texas. Her board leadership positions include Secretary, President, and work with various committees. Lorene serves on the Governance & Nominations Committee and Organizational Excellence Committee.

Lorene spends her retirement time volunteering for several nonprofit organizations, beading, and doing other crafty activities. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Alabama A&M University.


Shaady Salehi

Director, Trust-Based Philanthropy Project

Shaady Salehi is the director of the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project, a five-year learning and advocacy initiative to make trust-based practices the norm in the philanthropic sector. Throughout her career, Shaady has worked in various social sectors using strategic communications to galvanize coalitions, establish legacies, generate buy-in, and strengthen networks.

Previously, Shaady was Managing Director of Distribution and Impact at ITVS, where she led a team to advance the reach and impact of documentaries on public television. Prior to ITVS, she was Executive Director of Active Voice, a pioneering organization that uses storytelling to catalyze social change.

Shaady is a 2014 Aspen Institute Fellow. She sits on the board of Let It Ripple, a nonprofit that experiments with collaborative filmmaking for the common good. She holds an M.S. in Strategic Communications from Columbia University, an M.A. in Anthropology from UC Davis, and a B.A. in Anthropology from Oberlin College.