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Why Come to the Annual Meeting?

If you are struggling with the decision of whether to come to the Impact Annual Meeting on June 8th, here are some things to think about.

First, everyone understands that Impact Austin is filled with busy women.

Actually, that is the kind of woman it often attracts, because its grant making process is a results and metric-driven activity that guarantees busy women a tangible outcome.

Yes, you could say our members like making AND seeing the impact!

So, if you are out of town, tied up with business or family, ill, caring for someone who is ill, or any of a hundred other reasons…we understand why you can’t be there and encourage you to send in your proxy. (We will send instructions on absentee voting in advance of the meeting.)

But…if it is a possible choice…here are the top five reasons to attend!

5. Food and Wine (Did someone say, “Dessert?”)

4. Smiles and Hugs (Friendliest women on the planet!)

3. Meeting the Nonprofit Finalists and hearing their stories (Bring your tissues.)

2. Voting for your favorites (Come on, you know you have one or two!)

1. And the number one reason to be there in person…Celebrating!

So come and join us for an evening of making a difference while having a great time. We will be looking for you


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