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11 Nonprofit Organizations Making a Difference in CTX: A Deep Dive Review of Grant Applications

Impact Austin's spring grant cycle is well under way, with 11 organizations selected for deep-dive review by the Community and Education Grant Review Committees (GRCs). In June, Impact Austin will award four grants across two focus areas totaling $241,200. Within each focus area, the nonprofit receiving the most member votes will receive a grant of $96,500 for the purpose outlined in its proposal. The second nonprofit in each focus area will receive an unrestricted award of $24,100.

Thank you to Anne Helmick-Lyon and Jerrica Deloney Witte, our GRC Coordinators. Impact Austin's Grant Finance Committee (GFC) is led by Barbara Hambleton, Lauren Lewis, and Coordinator Margaret Ballinger.

Community GRC

26 Impact Austin women are serving on the Community GRC, including 11 new members. The GRC is led by Krista McNaughton and Susan Tormollen, with Margaret von Flatern serving as Advisor. This GRC received 44 applications for funding. The 6 organizations now undergoing deep-dive review are:

Education GRC

The Education GRC includes 21 Impact Austin women, including 6 first-year members. The GRC is led by Caitlin Gary and Lisa Glenn, with Elaine Jensen as their Advisor. This GRC received 28 applications for funding. Among the 5 nonprofits now in deep-dive review are:

What comes next? Who votes on grants?

The GRCs will continue their deep-dive reviews through March. Three semi-finalists in each focus area will be announced on April 5. Site visits with semi-finalists will occur during April 18-20. In late April, each GRC will meet again to select their two finalists for vote by the Impact Austin membership. Voting begins on May 17, and grants will be awarded at Impact Austin's Annual Meeting on June 10, 2024.

All members who join, re-join, renew, initiate payments, or are fully paid as of May 14 will be qualified to vote on Impact Austin's spring grants. There will be no fall grant cycle in 2024.



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