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Town Hall 2022: An Evening of Thanks and Giving

Town Hall Meeting 2022 was a festive launch of Impact Austin's 20th Anniversary Year. Of course, simply announcing new grants and Community Partners is worth a celebration all its own!

The pre-program reception was a great opportunity to mix, mingle, meet grant finalists, make a new friend, capture photo memories (send any great selfies to us) and sample scrumptious nibbles and a signature cocktail, The Daisy.

Interim Executive Director Nicole Genovese began the program with thanks to event sponsors Robertson Stephens, FVF Law, and C2C Media. Member Pam Friedman, also a Principal with Robertson Stephens, added her own welcome as Title Sponsor.

In Nicole's remarks about Impact Austin, she shared the updated graphic that illustrates our collective impact. Nicole invited everyone there - members and guests - to join Impact Austin or renew membership. All membership payments made by December 31 will help to fund Community and Education Grants in the spring. More members = larger spring grants!

Board President Katherine Mudge offered several important updates to our membership.

  • Leadership transition - The Board thanked Nicole for "tireless and selfless work" as Interim Executive Director. Kudos also to generous and hardworking volunteers for stepping up. The executive search process is ongoing, and the organization's high standards remain in place.

  • Endorsement of DEIB definitions - Read about these and continued implementation of DEIB practices on our blog.

  • Impactship - This program will provide additional paths to Impact Austin membership and will be activated early in 2023.

  • Gift Acceptance Policy - Part of Impact Austin's next chapter as a mature funder will be the capacity to accept non-cash assets to our Annual Fund and Endowment. Details will be shared soon.

  • Board service recruitment - Women of great passion, integrity, and focus are invited to apply to serve on Impact Austin's Board of Directors, starting in FY 2024. Nominations of others can be made with the same link.

Impact Austin Founder Rebecca Powers introduced the Legacy Team of Kathleen Mack, Sara Pantin, Christina Gorczynski, and Judi McCarthy, all of whom will work alongside Rebecca to launch a campaign to build Impact Austin's endowment from its current balance of $220,000 to $2 million. Rebecca called out "an undeniable passion for our big dream." The Legacy Team has pledged $211,000 themselves.

Why an endowment of $2 million?

  • Provides $80,000 of passive income annually

  • As the endowment grows, Impact Austin receives more annual income

  • Cements Impact Austin’s presence in Central Texas and maintains our reputation as a significant regional funder

  • Provides flexible funding in good times, amid challenge, and when opportunity arises

  • Ultimately the biggest contributor to our Annual Fund

Marla Whelan and Karen McLinden, Co-Chairs of the Grants Team, introduced the stars of Town Hall: our Fall Grants and the team that facilitated them. They began by recognizing all Grants volunteers. Note: registration for Spring GRCs will open on January 13, 2023.

  • Melissa Lorber and Fay Evans-Martin – Nonprofit Coordinators

  • Michelle Rankin and Anne Helmick-Lyon – GRC Coordinators

  • Joyce Lauck and Margaret Ballinger – Grant Finance Coordinators

  • Peggy Hofmann – Grants Technology Coordinator

  • Carla Denison-Bickett – Finalist Process Coordinator

  • Jennifer Hornish and Randeen Torvik Ragan – Community Partner Coordinators

  • Sue Breland and Karen Davenport – Girls Giving Grants Co-Chairs

  • Equity GRC Chairs: Gloria Hughes and Rise' Candelaria, with Melissa Lorber, Advisor

  • Health & Well-Being GRC Chairs: Margaret von Flatern and Elaine Jensen, with Allison Marshall, Advisor

  • Members of both Grant Review Committees**


(see news release for details)

Equity Grants - to advance equity for women and/or girls of color

$75,400 to AVANCE-Austin (for the purpose proposed in their application)

$18,800 to Girlstart (unrestricted funding)

Health & Well-Being Grants - to strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families, or positively impact the mental or physical health and wellness of people

$75,400 to The Other Ones Foundation (for the purpose proposed in their application)

$18,800 to Literacy Coalition of Central Texas (unrestricted funding)

Advancement Co-Chairs Kirsten Spacek and Margaret von Flatern announced Elaine Jensen as the winner of a beautiful prize bag valued at $595. Raffle tickets purchased go to Impact Austin's Annual Fund. The raffle raised $6,000+ toward a $20,000 fall goal. You can still contribute in honor of our 20th Anniversary!

Upcoming Signature Events - save these dates!

Discovery Days (virtual learning opportunity) in late January and early February

Annual Meeting - June 5, Long Center for the Performing Arts

2021 Grant Outcomes shared - Our audience appreciated videos showing the outcomes from our 2021 Community Grant to Austin Tenants Council; 2021 Equity Grant recipient Jolt Initiative; and 2021 Health & Well-Being Grant to the Austin Asian Community Health Initiative (AACHI).

**Thank you to Fall Grant Review Committee Member-Volunteers

EQUITY GRC (met virtually)

Virginia Bettis • Roslyn Breen • Risé Candelaria • Chris Cavner • Jerrica Deloney Witte •

Pam Falkner-Hartigan • Megan Fescenmeyer • Caitlin Gary • Lisa Glenn • Marcelina Gray • Gloria Hughes • Pam Kelly • Lauren Lewis • Melissa Lorber • Erin McCord •

Laure Mclaughlin • Tiare Nichols • Linda Oliveira • Roberta Rincon • Tracy Snodgrass •

Susan Stuehrk

HEALTH & WELL-BEING GRC (met in person)

Michelle Ahmad • Marla Broaddus • Denise Brown • Susan Brown • Linda Carey •

Karen Cox • Brenna Cummings • Lisa David • Catherine Ervin • Jenny Everett •

Kristen Feeney • Sue Hart • Monica Huffer • Elaine Jensen • Laura Lewis • Allison Marshall • Lily McClure • JulieMcGill • Krista McNaughton • Mrinalini Shah • KateTomlinson •

Nancy Vera • Margaret von Flatern • Jeanne White


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