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Maximizing My Impact Austin Membership

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I joined Impact Austin nine years ago, and I've never been more satisfied with an investment. Since Rebecca Powers and five other women founded the organization in 2003, the group continues its success through what author Jim Collins would describe as "preserving the core and being open to change."

I found it difficult to cast my votes at the annual meeting this year. The ten finalists made such persuasive and passionate appeals for their organizations! 

To my delight, when the results came in, all five of the winners were the groups I'd voted for. That was a first for me, and I should have been elated, but I couldn't help thinking of those runner-up contenders and how much work each of the organizations had done to come so close to receiving one of our grants.

I thought about it more the next day and wondered what I could do. Commiserating only goes so far, and I wanted to let the other five finalists know how very tough our decision was. I had the information about them, so I went online and made a small donation to each organization with a note letting them know that I learned about them at the Impact Austin annual meeting and that I wanted them to know that I appreciate what they are doing in our community. 

It wasn't much, but it definitely made a difference to me. It made me feel like I had maximized my investment in Impact Austin. If a group touches your heart, you might want to try it, too.

- Glenda Goehrs


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