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Join us for Ripple Reads Family Book Club

We’re partnering with Ripple Reads to kick off a very special book club just for the Impact Austin community and friends!

Ripple Reads is an Austin-based family book club that helps caregivers inspire kids to stand up for justice.

Join Impact Austin parents and caregivers as we discuss insights, experiences, and questions that arise when having meaningful and honest conversations with young children about race, empathy, bias, equity and more.


Sign up for Ripple Reads by January 15

to join our first book club meeting February 25!

Enter code IMPACTAUSTIN during sign up

and Ripple Reads will make a $5 donation to Black Mamas ATX

- Impact Austin's 2020 Social Innovation Grant winner!


Ready to get started?


Sign up for your Ripple Reads flexible subscription and $5 will be donated to Black Mamas ATX when you use the code IMPACTAUSTIN. Soon after you sign up, you'll receive a children’s book that is age-appropriate for K-6 and a workbook that includes family discussion guides and activity prompts.


Once you receive your kit, enjoy the book and materials with the children in your lives! Take note along the way of topics, questions, or themes that come up for later discussion.


Join the Impact Austin + Ripple Reads book club virtual event open to both members and friends. We will host the first virtual book club meeting February 25, 2021 at 12:00PM CT. If at least 15 Impact Austin members and friends sign up for the program, the author of the first book has agreed to join our discussion!

Please share this opportunity with friends and family who might enjoy participating.

Impact Austin membership is NOT a requirement for this activity.


About Ripple Reads

Ripple Reads is a bi-monthly book club subscription that helps families have meaningful, age-appropriate conversations about race and justice. Our vision is to raise the next generation to dismantle racism once and for all.

Ripple Reads is an initiative of Austin-based Notley Impact, a U.S. nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Kelli Mason

Founder, Ripple Reads

Megan Ambrose

Marketing & Operations, Ripple Reads

Member, Impact Austin


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