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Impact Austin Member Spotlight on Marisa Bushee

Marisa Bushee is a professional interior designer, a business woman, and a member of Impact Austin who is passionate about what the organization does, and doesn’t hesitate to tell others about it.

This is one of the characteristics that make her an outstanding Marketing Chair!

We asked how Marisa heard about Impact Austin and what inspired her to join.

“I initially heard about Impact Austin when it was first starting, back in 2005, but I moved away from Austin in 2006 so I never got involved. In 2014, I had been back in Austin a couple years and was talking with Sara Pantin, an Impact Austin board member, who reminded me about the organization and told me about all the great work it was doing. I joined that same year.”

Besides being the present Marketing Chair for Impact Austin, what else have you done with the organization?

“My first year I served on the Environment Focus Area Committee (FAC), which was a terrific experience. I met a ton of really smart, committed women and greatly enjoyed learning more about the local nonprofits that had applied for grants. I also got involved in the marketing committee and after the chair resigned, I agreed to step into that role this year. The marketing committee is a busy group and I still feel like I’m trying to get my arms around all the things they do!”

We know you are a professional interior designer, and your home is unique and fabulous! Tell us more about this part of your life.

“I specialize in residential design, particularly renovations. I’ve done a lot of kitchen and bath remodels which I love because there’s such a huge variety of tiles and fixtures, it’s exciting to help clients find just the right ones to make their rooms extraordinary.”

What other nonprofits are you affiliated with and how?

“I am a huge fan and supporter of the Austin Humane Society. I started walking dogs several years ago and love the happy endings when they place these animals with great families. I’m also a member of the Women’s Symphony League which runs a variety of programs to raise funds for the Austin Symphony.”

Tell us a little about your family.

“My immediate family consists of my husband, Jim, and our two small dogs Tucker and Cooper. I also have two sisters who live in Western Pennsylvania in the same town where my parents reside.”

What is the most important thing you have learned by being an Impact Austin member and what is your favorite thing you have done with the organization?

“Impact Austin members have a huge respect for each other and I learned so much by listening to the different views and opinions of members on my FAC. It’s also a group where everyone’s vote truly does count. While some of my favorite organizations didn’t end up getting selected for a grant, I respect the fact that it’s a very fair and equitable selection process and the majority rules.”

“I worked for a women’s health nonprofit for several years and wrote a lot of grant applications for them. I loved being on the other side of the fence working with Impact Austin, and hearing how applications are evaluated.”

What about you might surprise us?

“I ran my first marathon in nine years in 2015. I had injured my knee a few years back and hadn’t really pushed distance for a while and so I was really excited to get back into training.  I’ve caught the bug again and am already signed up for another marathon in 2016!”

Impact Austin women come from all walks of life, but they all believe that they can do more together to improve their community than they can do alone…Is it your time to Join Impact Austin?


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