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Impact Austin Member Spotlight on Dina Mavridis

Dina Mavridis is an enthusiastic, spirited, Impact Austin leader who has made a big impact of her own with our younger generation of philanthropists!

Dina, how did you hear about Impact Austin and why did you decide to join?

"I heard about Impact Austin through Melissa Gray in 2003.  She invited me to a coffee at Rebecca Powers’ home, and after hearing Rebecca’s story; I signed up to join almost immediately. I was in my early twenties, devoted to my job, but longing for more opportunities to meet other women, to learn about the needs in our community, and to find ways to give back both financially and with my time.  Little did I know then that Impact Austin was going to fulfill all of these buckets, and much, much, more!"

What work have you done at Impact Austin?

"I started as a member and then joined the Environment Grant Review Committee (GRC).  The following year, I chaired the Health and Wellness GRC.  The next year, I joined the Board as the Director of Marketing and also was an Advisor for Girls Giving Grants (g3).  Then I gratefully accepted to serve as Director of Girls Giving Grants up until last June when I handed the reins of leadership to the talented Ami Kane."

What is your profession?

"I serve as the Human Resources Manager for Velocity Electronics, a global independent distributor of electronic components."

Tell us a little about your beautiful and growing family!

"I am blessed with an amazing husband, Michael, who has been very supportive of my involvement with IA, our daughters (And future g3/IA members!) Athina and Kallista, and our son, Duke. I am also blessed with amazingly supportive and encouraging parents, Beverly and Chris. 

"My Grandmother, Mimi, taught me the importance of giving back at an early age and I am grateful for her influence. I have a dog, Goldie, who has been by my side for the past 11 years."

What is the most important lesson you have learned by being an Impact Austin member and what was your favorite work you have done with the organization?

"I learned the power of collective giving, and the impact it can have on our community and on each of us involved. My favorite work I’ve done, by far, is supporting our next generation of community leaders by volunteering with Girls Giving Grants (g3). This journey with Impact Austin and with g3 has been a significant part of my life. I am forever grateful to Melissa for introducing me to Impact Austin, to Rebecca for founding this organization and serving as an incredible and supportive role model for all of us in Impact Austin."

"I'm also grateful for the incredible young ladies and talented volunteers of g3"

"Thank you, as well, to the fantastic women who are a part of Impact Austin, and to our community partners for making Austin a better place"

What might we be surprised to learn about you?

"I love to travel. This picture is of me in China!"

"I also love celebrations (I’m Greek after all, “OPA!”) and love to dress up for a theme. You name it; I’ll wear it!"


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