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Hands-On Service: The Happiest Zone Happy Hour

Over the spring and summer months, Impact Austin members have been getting together for Zone Zoom virtual happy hours. These have provided wonderful opportunities for members to stay in touch and get to know each other during.

But our service-minded members are eager to contribute safely to community efforts. So we joined together on August 28 for a community service activity with the Central Texas Food Bank (CTFB), a local nonprofit with a critical role in the Austin-area community right now.

Thirteen Impact Austin members volunteered at the CTFB Warehouse inspecting food items, gathering banana boxes, handling trash and wrapping pallets. CTFB volunteers thanked us for organizing this Zones event opportunity to give back to the community.

All of the Impact Austin volunteers enjoyed meeting with each other in person and being a part of this meaningful event.

Hear From Participants:

‘It was nice to feel we were helping, if even in a small way. It motivated me to volunteer at the food bank again next week. I'm trying a kitchen shift next time.’

‘Every time I volunteer at the CTFB, I am reminded of how blessed I am. On the other hand, it serves as an ever-present reminder that not all people are as fortunate or able to satisfy some of their basic needs.’

‘Volunteering at CTFB has become my most consistent volunteer effort during COVID and I’ve loved it every time. This one was especially fun because I made a new friend. There’s also the fact that you can’t have too much fun with pallet wrap. At any rate, we weren’t too busy so had lots of time to chat. Thanks for the opportunity on all fronts!’

We hope that we do this again so watch your email for Zone invitations!

For more information about Zone activities or to sign up for you Zone, click here.


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