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What are Zones?

With hundreds of members spread across an ever-growing metro area, neighborhood Zones are designed to enhance the individual member experience by creating a deeper sense of connection and community.


Zones allow all of us to more easily attend events and connect with the organization – and fellow members – through small, casual, social activities throughout the year.


Members can attend Zone events in their home neighborhood, near their work, or other commitments.

Join your Zone now and your Zone Captain will connect with you with details for upcoming events!

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Upcoming Zone Events

Zone events include dinners, happy hours, and other recreational activities unique to a particular neighborhood.


If you would like to receive notifications for additional zone events, please send an email to You can receive notifications for events in as many zones as you would like. To opt-out of zone notifications, click here.


COVID-19 Update:

In-Person Zone Events Are

Postponed Until Further Notice




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