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Philanthropy Education Series: Civic Engagement as a Tool for Impact

A hybrid learning event offered as part of Impact Austin's commitment to philanthropy education

Elections have consequences. Gain a better understanding of the election eco-system and ways to engage, help get out the vote, and become informed. Learn how to help to create the future you want to see in Austin and Central Texas, at the state level, and across the U.S.

Attend in-person at the Austin Area Urban League (lunch provided) or join the live stream. This event is open to members and non-members as part of our commitment to philanthropy education. There is no cost to participate, but donations are invited on the registration portal.

Discussion points will include the following:

  • Trends in voting

  • Awareness of local civic engagement organizations

  • How you can personally engage in the process


President, Black Professional Alliance

Eric Byrd is a dedicated professional with a rich background in mental health, rehabilitation, and social advocacy. For 15 years, he mentored institutionalized youth, foster youth, and traumatized

children. Eric holds a Master's Degree in Education, specializing in behavioral analysis and modification.

In 2020, Eric demonstrated exceptional leadership as Chief of Staff for the City of Austin's District 1, managing office operations and shaping key policies. Today, as owner of Vision Innovation and Management, Eric consults on equity-focused transformations in areas like child welfare, criminal justice, environmental justice, and affordable housing. He's also active as acting President of The Man in Me, promoting healthy fatherhood, and President of the Black Professional Alliance, expanding opportunities for Black professionals in Austin. Eric's journey is defined by his commitment to empowering others, championing social justice, and fostering inclusive communities


Shelly Baker

Texas Organizing Director, NextGen America

Shelly Baker serves as the Texas Organizing Director for NextGen America and manages a statewide field program focused on registering, educating, and turning out young voters throughout Texas. Before joining NextGen, Shelly spent the last decade working in communities on issues pertaining to foster care advocacy, climate

justice, worker’s rights, and racial equity.

NextGen Education Fund (NextGen) is NextGen America's affiliated 501c3 organization. NextGen is of the nation’s leading youth civic engagement organizations, educating and empowering millions of young people to elevate their voices in our country’s democratic process. NextGen a multi-issue and multi-racial organization that positions young people to make transformational change and solve the challenges earlier generations have failed to

address, including historical failings on racial and climate justice. NextGen Education Fund's mission is to strengthen our democracy through marketing brief/events education; leadership development; and empowerment of young Americans.

Sr. Director, Public Engagement, Organizing for Action

As the Senior Director of Public Engagement at

Organizing for Action, Yvonne Massey Davis is a seasoned expert in the realm of nonprofit event planning. Her role revolved around engaging and informing specific communities on legislative issues and public policies in support of the President of the United States. Yvonne excels in mobilizing supporters, employing strategic communications, and actively participating in legislative affairs. She's a force in lobbying elected officials and fostering crucial governmental relations.

Yvonne's skill set extends to impactful public speaking, meticulous policy analysis, and nurturing leadership development. Her proficiency in essential tools such as Texas VAN, NGP, National Field, and voter targeting, coupled with her grassroots organizing prowess, make her a linchpin in executing successful campaigns. She is well- versed in navigating social networks, adept in general media correspondence, and a master of legislative research. Yvonne's dynamic, team-oriented leadership style brings innovation and efficiency to every project she undertakes.

Editor in Chief, The Austin Common

Amy Stansbury is a local journalist and civic enthusiast with a passion for making government accessible and easy to understand. She is the Editor-In-Chief of The Austin Common, a local news site that helps Austinites be informed and make a difference. She’s also the host of The Austin Common Radio Hour, a podcast and radio show on 91.7 FM with the same mission.

In 2017, Amy co-authored “A Beginner’s Guide To Local Government,” a coloring book/ zine that teaches Austinites the basics of how local government works and how to get involved.

When she's not nerding out over City Council meetings, Amy enjoys all things outdoors - rock climbing, backpacking, skiing, kayaking, and long runs along Lady Bird Lake.


Register here to join September 29 event, either in person or by livestream.

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This event follows an April 2023 webinar, Texas Legislative Update: Nonprofit Impact.

The written recap and video recording can be found within the linked title.

Find our compilation of Philanthropy Education recordings on our YouTube channel.

Learn more about Impact Austin on our website.


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