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Can I Give More?

A new member of Impact Austin recently asked this question and it occurred to us that we hadn’t communicated much about this important inquiry!

The answer is Yes! 

You may make an additional donation in any amount over your membership fee of $1250. By doing this, you will be supporting many different areas of Impact Austin’s operations, allowing us to do what we do more effectively.

Impact Austin’s finances break out fairly simply:

Your $1250 membership fee goes two places; $1,000 directly into grants that are paid to award winning nonprofits that financial year, and the remaining $250 is applied to Impact Austin’s general operating expenses, including Girls Giving Grants (g3)!

We depend on generous individual donors and corporate sponsors to allow us to do anything, and we mean anything extra!

So, if you would like to donate in addition to your membership fee, Thank You! You’re not only helping our organization to support our local nonprofits, but to enrich the lives of our members as well, through Philanthropy Education and great events like Discovery Day and our Annual Meeting.

Many women who work on our Board and Committees add to their membership fee each year, because they know how powerfully their donation facilitates Impact Austin’s collective giving.

Donating to Impact Austin exponentially magnifies your charitable giving, and supports an organization you know and trust to make an impact.

Thank you for asking the question, and your support is always appreciated!


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