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10 Reasons You Won't Want to Miss This Year's Virtual Annual Meeting

Our 2020 Annual Meeting will look very different from events in years past, but it will be no less powerful. While we will miss seeing one another in person, we can’t wait to gather virtually on June 8 at 7 pm!

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Log In:

10. No parking and traffic hassles

9. A shorter evening – 90 minutes max

8. A perfect, unobstructed view

7. No need to dress up! Why change out of your favorite athleisure wear or jammies now?

6. Comfortable seating – your couch, your patio recliner, anywhere away from the fam

5. Your favorite pet snuggling beside you

4. Any drink you’d like and your top snacks right at your fingertips, all meeting long

3. See some new faces! Shelter-in-place has been a bit lonely. Socialize during the 7:00- 7:30 pre-program reception with scrolling photos and video, messaging opportunities, and more.

2. Uplifting stories from community partners who continue to inspire us in this challenging time

And the #1 Reason to Log in:

It’s the celebration of a year’s work, $400,000 in new grants, and $7.4 million in total community impact. All worth celebrating together – even online.

*Please share your viewing setup with us! Snap a selfie of your meeting-watching setup (snacks, pets, drinks, and all) as you’re watching and post on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn tagged with #joinimpactaustin or send them to us at We’d love to collect and share these great photos!

We will see you online - June 8 at 7 pm!


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