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Why Impact Austin

Silicon Hills Wealth is proud to be the first corporate sponsor of Impact Austin. Our

motivation for supporting Impact Austin and the passion that we feel for the organization are based on several core beliefs that we share.

We believe in empowering women.

Impact Austin at its core is an empowerment organization, lifting up some members of the community, while simultaneously fostering relationships within its membership. We are women helping other women succeed and meet the unique challenges women face.

We believe in collaboration.

The best outcomes that we can achieve are borne through a healthy and transparent collaboration between our clients and their advisors. Impact Austin fosters that same sort of collaboration amongst its members. Collective giving is all about collaboration and is based on the belief that we are better together. Collective giving improves the overall awareness, education, and empathy of all members and makes the beneficiary organizations better in the process. Even those organizations that apply for a grant from Impact Austin benefit greatly from the interaction with Impact and likely gain some direct individual support along the way.

Finally, we believe that most issues are local issues.

There’s no substitute for local knowledge, and we find that we are in a better position to address our clients’ financial issues because we encounter those same issues daily. Impact Austin benefits from this local knowledge and is in a better position to evaluate the needs of the various organizations operating on behalf of our community.

If you believe, as we do, that empowering women matters, that collaboration is vital and we are truly better together, and if you believe that community issues are best addressed by members of the community, supporting Impact Austin may be as good a fit for you as it has been for us.

- Silicon Hills Wealth Management

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This post was sponsored by Silicon Hills Wealth Management.


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