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Stronger Together: Empowering Your Team

By Ashley Glusing, Blackbaud Corporate Solutions

What does "empowerment" look like?

It's simple, empowered people are confident. Once empowered, these individuals share their own innovative ideas and help you move your organization forward. With the world still looking very different in 2021, with many of us communicating remotely, the techniques below will infuse empowerment no matter where your team members are located.


Leaders must delegate effectively to develop their team. Real delegation is not merely dumping tasks onto others, but developing individuals to impact both the organization and their own personal growth. Let’s teach our team members to think for themselves, solve problems, and come up with new ideas that will move the organization forward.

Set Expectations

Setting clear expectations with team members ensures everyone is on the same page as to where the organization is going and what the goals are for the year. Don't forget to be transparent in the reason behind your goals. By communicating this, team members can develop their own goals to help achieve the overall direction and plan of your organization. If you have a mutual understanding of the expectations, you will all work together to make your goals a success!

Constructive Feedback

Providing constructive feedback helps resolve any long-term issues that might arise. This feedback is meant to enhance individual growth. Personally, I feel that this type of feedback reduces confusion regarding expectations surrounding performance. I recommend checking in regularly, allowing your team to give feedback as well. It’s a good time to listen and can boost morale.

Let That Ego Go

As a leader, the best thing you can do is to let your own ego fly out the window. During those regular check-ins, really take time to listen to what your team wants. You never know what you might learn while listening. Everyone has a story to tell.

These techniques are easy to tackle and will empower your team members. Make them champions by pairing them together on a common topic of interest. Share those ideas with other leaders of your organization. Empowered teams are stronger together.

Side note to all you parents out there---I use the same logic above with my teenager and I have first-hand knowledge that it can help at home too.

This post was sponsored by Blackbaud.

Ashley Glusing, Account Executive

Blackbaud Corporate Solutions

Ashley Glusing has been in the employee engagement and corporate social responsibility field for over 4 years. Starting on the Account Management team, she became a leader in the strategic development of many successful social responsibility programs for companies of all sizes. Ashley's consultive approach drove her to expand her reach in impacting corporate social responsibility programs by bringing her knowledge and expertise to her newest role as an Account Executive for Blackbaud Corporate Solutions. In her free time, Ashley loves servicing with her daughter, Evyn, through the National Charity League.


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