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Rebecca's Musings: Leadership in Grantmaking

Every so often, we check in with our founder, Rebecca Powers. Rebecca has expanded her vision and activities to a national level, but continues to be an amazing resource for Impact Austin. Here are her thoughts as we dive into our FY2015 grants process and chart a new course in women's collective giving.

Leadership matters…whether at a four-way stop, at the dinner table, or within Impact Austin. It’s not always comfortable taking the lead and trying new things, but that’s what leaders do to create positive change. And, it defines Impact Austin.

"Our bold leap into innovative grantmaking strengthens our position as a funding partner in our community."

I look forward to what we will learn together. Now in our twelfth year, we continue to uphold the importance of being a thoughtful, learning organization—equipping our members to evaluate the needs of non-profits from an increasingly informed perspective.  A $50K Catalyst Grant can be as meaningful, if not more so, than an $80K programming grant. Central Texas wins as a result.

Our annual meeting in June will highlight the best of what we know and what we’ve learned. We have crossed the $5 million threshold in giving this year. We have added a new focus in our grant making and, while a bit scary, it’s a wonderfully brave move that will result in fostering deeper partnerships with non-profits in our community.

Let’s continue to dream big and make bold moves that will make life better in Central Texas!


~Rebecca Powers, Impact Austin Founder

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