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Impact Austin's 2024 Annual Meeting: Highlights and Key Takeaways

2024 Annual Meeting applauded our past, celebrated the present, and announced future directions for Impact Austin. We celebrated our members, too, for making possible our $8.84 million community impact. With the theme "Empowering Tomorrow," the event program considered how Impact Austin members will continue to empower local nonprofits and our own organization so that we thrive as an important funder in Central Texas.


Honoring Founder Rebecca Powers, Kitchen Table Six, and founding members

Impact Austin Board President Deanna DeHaven launched Annual Meeting with applause for Founder Rebecca Powers. "Rebecca, 21 years ago you had an idea, and that idea blossomed into a movement that transformed Central Texas and even inspired other women's collective giving circles across the nation." Deanna asked Founding Members and the Kitchen Table Six organizers to stand in the audience. "Because of you, we are here today celebrating nearly $9 million in high-impact grants to our community."

Deanna also recognized Nicole Genovese, our former Operations Manager and Interim Executive Director from 2019-2023. Thanks for joining us, Nicole!

Outcomes of past grants

Three 2022 Community Partners completed their grant contracts with Impact Austin, and we eagerly watched video reports of their outcomes. Click below to learn how Impact Austin funding helped these partners bring high-quality programming to their clients.

Girls Giving Grants' 2023 partner, Wonders and Worries, also gave their outcomes report by video, sharing how g3's $8,400 grant provided "happy days" to youth dealing with serious illness or injury in their families.


Deanna thanked Impact Austin's event sponsors and invited the audience to support their businesses as they so generously support our mission and events.

2024 Girls Giving Grants (g3) Award announced

Girls Giving Grants Co-Chair Summer McAfee complimented the 59 members of g3's 2023-2024 class and offered well wishes to their 10 graduating seniors. Girls Giving Grants leaders Meredith McMahan and Helen Zhou addressed the audience and announced their 2024 grant of $8,500 to Foster Angels of Central Texas. Congratulations, g3 and Foster Angels!

Girls Giving Grants members and leaders celebrate g3's 2024 award to Foster Angels of Central Texas.

2024 Community and Education Grants voted, announced, and celebrated

In mid-May, Impact Austin members received information packets for each finalist to facilitate voting, including cover letter, finalist report, and initiative budget. At Annual Meeting, each finalist offered recorded video presentations about their proposed use for Impact Austin funding. In addition, members had the opportunity to meet and converse with finalist-representatives during the reception. In-person voting followed for the first-time since our 2019 Annual Meeting, and results were celebrated at our event! Congratulations to our new Community Partners receiving $241,200 in Impact Austin grants: AGE of Central Texas, GirlForward, Lirios Pediatrics, and Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center. For more detail, read our press release here.

Congratulations, 2024 Community Partners!

Grants leaders Karen McLinden and Anne Helmick-Lyon thanked all Impact Austin members serving in a range of GRC positions and Grants leadership roles. They are listed in detail below this article. Because of those volunteers, our 2024 grants of $241,200 were possible!

Just a few of the volunteers who led Impact Austin's 2024 grants process.

The State of the Organization

President Deanna DeHaven identified key strengths that kept Impact Austin on track during FY 2024 transitions and now point to a strong FY 2025.

  • Membership numbers show growth over last year, and more new members joined in recent days. Deanna noted, "our impact is amplified with each new member who joins!"

  • Deanna displayed the newest graphic that demonstrates Impact Austin's Collective Impact - made possible by our members!

  • Deanna's #1 priority for FY 2024 was sustainability. To that end, staff, board, and committees have taken steps to implement operational efficiencies, improve effectiveness, and reduce expenses.

  • Former Executive Director Demetria Caston left Impact Austin on March 1 after 14 months with our organization. Demetria continues to be a strong supporter of women's philanthropy through service on the Philanos board, and we wish her well.

  • Our Board of Directors stepped up in the absence of an executive director to join more committees and take on additional operational functions.

  • Philanthropy Operations Manager Alyssa Reyna came to Impact Austin in August and has become "the backbone of the organization and the glue that holds us together." Thank you, Alyssa!

  • Deanna signaled that her priority for FY 2025 is "valuing our members," keeping the focus on what each member contributes to our collective impact. Deanna said, "Every time you renew your membership with Impact Austin, you are strengthening the Central Texas social sector and making an investment in our community."

Volunteers thanked and celebrated

Deanna DeHaven complimented and thanked Alyssa Reyna, Alyssa's sister Alexis Borgas, and the Annual Meeting Committee bringing the event to fruition: Tracey Nelson, Ann Kasper, and Mikayla Mullins. Other volunteers will be recognized in an e-blast this week.

In a tradition since 2019, Impact Austin leadership announced outstanding volunteers within our organization. Nominations came from all levels of the membership, and incoming Board Vice President Claudia Barlow made the 2024 announcements. Biggest congratulations go to:

Val Kirk Above & Beyond Award - Jessica Forrest

Committee of the Year - Membership

Core Values Members of the Year - Lisa David and Ami Kane

Volunteers of the Year - Maddy Compogiannis and Summer McAfee


New Strategic Plan

At the 2023 Town Hall Meeting, Risé Candelaria and Tracey Nelson announced the results of Impact Austin's member survey. At Annual Meeting they discussed how the survey input, along with feedback from the Board of Directors, committee leaders, Strategic Advisory Council, and other stakeholders will shape Impact Austin's 2025-2028 strategic plan. Tracey and Risé shared the values and pillars of the new plan. Next, the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) will collaborate with specific Impact Austin committees to create goals and metrics for success. The final strategic plan will be presented at November's Town Hall Meeting. Thanks to SPC members Tracey and Risé, along with Deanna DeHaven, Debbie Johnson, Denise Shannon, and Ricki Wax.

FY 2025 Board of Directors

Deanna first thanked the FY 2024 Board for stepping up in the absence of an executive director to join additional committees, take on more operational functions, and support Impact Austin in every way necessary. Next, she recognized members stepping off the Board and thanking them for their service: Allison Marshall, Jessica Forrest, and Ricki Wax. Five new board members will join for FY 2025: Kiyomi Beach, Anne Helmick-Lyon, Krista McNaughton, Ashley Stump, and Marty Swanger. Officers for FY 2025 will be:

Deanna DeHaven, President

Claudia Barlow, Vice President

Krista McNaughton, Treasurer

Denise Shannon, Secretary

Thanks to all who joined our 2024 Annual Meeting!


Karen McLinden and Michelle Rankin, Grants Co-Chairs


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