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Patel Match Challenge: Double - or Quadruple - Your Gift

Melissa and Hiten Patel create $20K match opportunity for Impact Austin

Melissa Patel and her husband Hiten will make a generous year-end gift to Impact Austin’s Annual Fund, sweetening the donation with a dollar-for-dollar match from Melissa’s employer. Melissa and Hiten encourage other members and friends to join their support of Impact Austin’s mission and programs. What's more, they urge us to explore additional match opportunities with employers in our own households.

Altogether, $20,000 is offered as a match challenge through December 31, 2021. Here’s how to participate and double – or even quadruple – the impact of your own gift.

  • Make a donation to Impact Austin’s Annual Fund. Donors of $250 and more will be acknowledged within Impact Austin’s Philanthropy Circle.

  • Check to see if an employer in your household will match your donation, thus doubling your impact.

  • Make your gift by December 31, 2021 to meet the Patel Match Challenge for even more impact!

Melissa Patel joined Impact Austin in early 2019. By November 2019, she was recognized as one of six first-year members “whose energy and leadership catalyze growth and positive change for the organization and their fellow members.” As part of our Member Journey Committee, Melissa saw an opportunity to engage a cross-functional community engagement team from her employer to assist with Impact Austin’s recruiting and membership processes, particularly regarding data entry and management. The partnership gave Impact Austin a new way to think about recruiting, documenting, and nurturing memberships.

Impact Austin urges all members to consider how corporate support can boost our impact in the community. Learn more here about doubled donations, volunteer grants, member sponsorships, event sponsorships, and more!

Thank you to Melissa and Hiten Patel and to all members who will participate in the Patel Match Challenge. Here's to the continued success of collective giving!


For a comprehensive list of all the ways you can support Impact Austin, please visit:


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