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Membership Season Starts Today!

On Tuesday, June 23rd, we celebrated our 2015 grant recipients in a glorious gathering at City Hall where $450,000 was given out to six amazing nonprofits.

Impact Austin has topped $5 million given to worthy organizations in Central Texas.  Hooray!  We couldn’t have achieved any of it without you - our dedicated, generous members!

But at this time of year, each and every year, Impact Austin starts anew - recruiting and renewing memberships to make our 2016 grants just as special and filled with impact. 

Today is the day to take action! Make your individual philanthropy go further than you ever imagined through collective giving. Our friends at the San Diego Women’s Foundation put it best in their slogan…”WOMEN Can Do More Than WOMAN.”

It’s time for Impact Austin members to re-join this dynamic fold of philanthropists and to invite our friends, family members and co-workers to share in our good work. We owe them that opportunity.

The women of Impact Austin are a diverse, captivating group and we want to enjoy one another as we spread the word of our important mission.

Consequently, your Membership Committee has been hard at work, creating an exciting year ahead with more opportunities to gather socially! You told us you would like to get together with present and potential members and we were listening.

Impact Austin was created and is sustained by terrific women just like you and we are counting on you to spread the word and bring in new members so we can continue to make a significant difference in Central Texas.


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