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MEMBER VOICES: Building Community and Networks through Impact Austin

In celebration of our 20th anniversary year, Impact Austin is sharing a variety of stories from and about our members. Each story is unique to the voice we profile, but each also speaks to an aspect of our extraordinary collective.

Can we just say it? Relationships matter - even in Impact Austin.

Of course, it's social impact that drives us year after year. And yes, learning how to be smart, effective philanthropists excites us. And giving back is fundamental within us all. But, past and present members tell us that the relationships within our giving circle another matter, too. Read on!

Jane Nolden - "Connections made in Impact Austin with women who have unique skills and experiences but also a shared vision... learning to read grant proposals... developing awareness of what the real needs are in our community... learning about the work the nonprofit sector is doing... all of this will change your heart in ways beyond your imagination. Like mine was!"

Nikki Maples - "It's truly beautiful to be part of something so powerful. Relationships, friendships, and professional connections happen almost instantly when you join Impact Austin and get involved!"

Barbara Ellis - "I began this philanthropic journey in 2007. It was a life-changer for me. So many grants, so much social impact, so many great friendships made."

Risé Candelaria - "I have made friends by joining Impact Austin whom I admire not only for their generosity, but also for their personal involvement in actively making Austin a better place for the people who live here. I wanted that opportunity as well!"

Renata Estes Brown - "I would encourage other women to join Impact Austin because it is not often that you can sit at a table FULL of passionate women, ready to put their heads together for the good of the Greater Austin Area and beyond."

Melissa Patel - "I joined Impact Austin to meet amazing women and make a difference in our Central Texas community!"

Simone Talma Flowers - “Impact Austin includes so many amazing women, all with different personalities and skill sets. We learn from each other. I love how we lift each other up.”

Phil Loewy - "Impact Austin is an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and meet other successful women who CARE about all types of unmet needs in our community."

Ricki Wax - "I joined Impact Austin to be a part of something greater than myself. I wanted to join women who were making a difference and having an impact in the community."

Phaedra Rogers: I joined Impact Austin in November 2020 in hopes of meeting new women in my community who share my interest in serving others.

Margaret von Flatern - "The women who volunteer their time to this important work are some the most thoughtful, smart, and hardworking women I know."

Deanna DeHaven - "Volunteering with Impact Austin has helped me develop the best friendships!"

Linda Yang - "While I found a creative outlet in volunteering my skills, I’ve gained indescribably more through the friendships that never would have been without Impact Austin."

Kassi Longoria - "I feel grateful to be a part of this amazing group of leaders who foster meaningful connections to each other and to the community."

Sarah Figueroa - "It has been such a pleasure to help out where I can and enjoy this wonderful group of women – both while getting things done and at the occasional social gatherings that we all need more of!"

Nicole Genovese - "It’s an honor and privilege to be alongside each of our members on their journey to giving back in our community. Impact Austin is a special place. Every one of the members who keep showing up – that’s why I show up.”

Judi McCarthy - "In 2016 I was new to Austin, lonely, and anxious to be of service. An acquaintance had just described how Impact San Antonio had connected her to new friendships. The next day, I found Impact Austin's website and Facebook page. I joined within a month and started volunteering on a committee."

Carrie Maher calls out our "community of intelligent, driven and compassionate women," while Earind Jackson cites "a sisterhood of courageous leaders," and Aileen Chen is thankful for "wonderful friendships with people I might not have met elsewhere."


Joining Impact Austin and renewing membership is easy! Payments can be made monthly or at once, and employer matching is welcomed. Learn more about membership and join or renew! All membership privileges apply once payment is initiated.

Already a member and wondering how to get more involved? Find our Volunteer page.

All committees and events would welcome you. Or check out Events!

Registration for Spring Grant Review Committees in particular will open January 13.


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