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Introducing the FY 2016 Officers of Impact Austin’s Board of Directors

All great organizations have great leadership, and Impact Austin is no exception.  A very special group of Impact Austin members toil behind the scenes for the benefit of all of us and over the next two months, a series of blog posts will allow you to get to know them a little better. We start here with the Officers of our Board of Directors, but keep checking in, because there is more to come!

Rebekah Bonde, President

Philanthropist and Co-Founder, Bonde Consulting

I was born and raised in Missoula, Montana (with a few diversions here and there), and grew up on wild antelope and elk meat for dinner and Masterpiece Theatre on television. On our first date, my husband and I debated state economic and trade policies (we’re a ball of laughs), and we’re still debating after ten years of marriage. 

Bliss for me is a quiet afternoon in the library, nose deep in a thick book, with a proper cup of Marco Polo tea, a cat napping on my lap, and a cold drizzle outside.

Lorene Phillips, Immediate Past President

Human Resources Administrator, Pedernales Electric Company

I proudly wear the title “Impact Austin” stalker because I attended numerous events before I took the plunge. That behavior was so not like me. Typically, if I see it, like it, it feels right…BAM, I am on it. Must have been one of my other personalities controlling my actions.

I am a LPGA wannabe, bead freak, reader, puzzle solver, poker player who loves having fun!

Sharon Francia, Vice President

Business Consultant and Philanthropist

I’ve been an Impact Austin member for 6 years and in addition to serving as Past Board Secretary, I’m currently Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, Co-Chair of the Governance Committee, and a member of the Finance Committee and Audit Committee.

In my free time, I love to cook, entertain, and play lots of poker.  Cross-fit and martial arts are two of my other passions. I’ve been a long-time student at Westlake Academy of Martial Arts and currently hold a Second-Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Valerie Kirk, Treasurer

Of Counsel, Enoch Kever, PLLC

During my ten years with Impact Austin, I've been co-chair of the Grant Finance Committee for five years, Financial Administrator for three, and Board Treasurer for five. I credit Impact Austin with giving me the impetus to (mostly) retire from practicing law, as now I can work with fabulous women, learn new things, and contribute in a meaningful way through volunteering.

Besides IA, my passions are hanging out with my family, and traveling to unusual places (Egypt, the Galapagos Islands, Iceland, China, Antarctica). Since my son, daughter-in-law, and three precious grandsons just moved to Oxford, UK, I plan to visit them often plus use that location as a jumping-off place for more travel.

Sarah Pantin, Secretary

Managing Partner, Asset Strategies Group, LLC

I’m a sixth generation Texan and most proud of having five 8th generation grandchildren in Central Texas.   My faith journey and family have been great joys in my life, as has my 30+ year career in the financial services profession helping women and their men plan financial futures with confidence.  I co-founded my firm, Asset Strategies Group, LLC 11 years ago and am licensed as a Corporate Registered Investment Advisor and Registered Principal.

I’ve been a member of Impact Austin for the past ten years and was Co-Chair of the Grant Finance Committee before joining the Board.  Now in my second term, I am pleased to serve as Board Secretary along with Governance & Finance Committees and liaison to our Fund Development Committee.  


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