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Introducing Our New Members

This year is a special one for Impact Austin! We are celebrating fifteen years of changing our city for the better. We invite you to celebrate with us by welcoming three new members who are joining us in our mission of collective giving. We asked them three basic questions – “How did you find out about Impact Austin and what inspired you to join, What is your short and sweet biography, and optionally, What do you think might surprise or interest your new friends about you?” Here are their answers!

Meet Raquel Currah, and say hello the next time you see her!

“I heard about Impact Austin from Melissa Gray about five years ago and was interested but was not able to attend the meeting. Melissa invited me again in December of 2017 and I was able to attend, met Rebecca and others and was blown away by the power that many can have.”

“I am a physical therapist with a specialty in neurological rehabilitation. I enjoy teaching, I am a yoga and Pilates teacher and have taught anatomy for yoga teacher training, taught clinical neurology for physical therapy assistant students at ACC and currently am a lab assistant at St. Augustine physical therapy school. I am the mom of three great kids, wife, business owner, and dog lover. I love to travel and take photos.” 

“I have a cute little rat terrier named Scooter that is really a cat dressed in a dog costume.” 


Meet Laurie Dahlgren, and say, “Hi!” the next time you see her.

“I had the good fortune of meeting Anna Clepper after my husband and I recently moved to Austin. After attending a non-profit volunteer fair, I realized there were countless ways to get involved with the community and it was a bit overwhelming. However, after learning about Impact Austin from Anna and attending a coffee, I decided to join Impact Austin. Rebecca’s story is inspiring, and I’m excited to be part of this organization.”

“I was born in South Dakota, grew up in Kansas and Nebraska, moved to the San Francisco Bay area in 1999, and had the chance to relocate to Austin in 2017. My career focus is “people” (also known as human resources) in start-ups and high growth tech companies. My husband and I are very excited we’ve made this our home. The people are awesome.”


Meet Lisa Wells, and say, “Hi!” the next time you see her.

“I’ve been hearing about Impact Austin for years and have been intrigued to learn more. This fall, a friend, and businesswoman I admire and respect, Sarah Elliott, invited me to an introductory coffee. Everyone’s enthusiasm and the opportunity to make a difference in the Austin community were irresistible motivation!"

"I’m a software marketer, electrical engineer, world traveler, and devout lover of animals. I also love doing crafts and enjoying the outdoors.”

"I recently brought home a very special souvenir from my travels – a Dutch husband. We got married just last month after a 2-year long distance relationship between Austin and the Netherlands. We couldn’t be happier to be on the same side of the ocean!"


New Member Highlights are a series of posts that introduce you to some of our new members who have joined for FY2018. If you are interested in being highlighted, please contact us and your Impact Austin blog editor will respond to you with the details!

Send your email to and be sure to indicate that it is a New Member Highlight Inquiry.


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