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Increase Your Impact with Amplify Austin 2016!

Impact Austin empowers women philanthropists to invest in our community...and together we make an extraordinary impact.

Impact Austin is a women's collective giving organization that is now one of the largest women's philanthropy groups in the nation. Each Impact Austin member provides an annual contribution that is combined with other members to make annual grants to local nonprofit organizations.

In June 2015, the women of Impact Austin reached the significant milestone of $5 Million given in grant funding to Central Texas. 

Since 2003, the informed giving decisions of our women members have resulted in collectively funding grants to 60 nonprofit organizations. You can see the results at Our Community Impact page!

Impact Austin is a resource for two important audiences, women philanthropists who become our members and the nonprofit organizations who benefit from our high-impact grants. Nonprofit organizations may submit grant applications for programs in four to five areas each year: Culture, Education, Environment, Family, Health and Wellness and the new Catalyst Grant (restricted to former finalists). 

Our members learn about responsible and responsive grant making through participation on Grant Review Committees and through our IMPACT-edu philanthropy education program.

Impact Austin also focuses on developing young women into leaders through our Girls Giving Grants (G3) program. By combining individual donations of $100, young women learn the power of collective and cooperative giving and the best practices in grant making. G3 participants are young women enrolled in grades 8 through 12.


The funds raised through Amplify Austin 2016 will be used to support Impact Austin's technology needs, thereby increasing the efficiency of our collective giving work in the Central Texas community.

Several Impact Austin members have joined together to offer a generous matching gift, which means that any donations you make during the Amplify Austin 24 hour drive will immediately be doubled up to $5,000! You can help the more than 400 women of Impact Austin keep making high quality grants to the great nonprofits of Central Texas.

On March 8, 2016, we hope you will join us, and the Austin community as we exponentially expand the giving for 24 hours and Amplify Austin!

Listen to what Impact Austin member, Julie Fritz, has to say about #AmplifyATX. Mark your calendar or pre-schedule your...


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