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Impactful Social Media

Impact Austin is kicking off the Philanthropy Education initiative that you heard about in our current Strategic Plan (Stepping Up to Meet Our Future) in a big way…Introducing IMPACT-edu!

IMPACT-edu is the new Impact Austin Committee devoted to providing Philanthropy Education for members.  We will be piloting events this year that are designed to provide members with opportunities to develop skills that support their philanthropic aims.

Our mission is to provide education that empowers every member of Impact Austin with the knowledge and confidence to fulfill her philanthropic potential, thereby enhancing this organization's collective contribution to our community. The way this mission becomes a reality, and provides meaningful and interesting (and fun!) information for you is part of our challenge this coming year. 

Your ideas are important to us, so let us know if you want to share your own philanthropic experience and skills with other members, or if you are interested in volunteering some time with the IMPACT-edu Committee.  We welcome your suggestions for topics and recommendations of relevant speakers you have heard, as well. 

Please contact Betsy Blair, Volunteer Management or Valerie Colbourn, IMPACT-edu co-chair with your questions, suggestions or to volunteer.


“Impactful Social Media” - a Brown Bag Lunch for Impact Austin Members

-Discover how to make the most of the Internet and social media tools to support the philanthropy causes closest to your heart! 

-Find out about the new Impact Austin web site and its blog features.  

-Learn how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. more effectively.  

-Leverage your valuable online time to enhance your personal philanthropy, and be a part of the collective contribution of Impact Austin and our Community Partners.  

(A basic knowledge of Facebook and/or LinkedIn is desirable.)

Presenter:  This workshop is presented by Kali´ Rourke, a noted philanthropist who has been a member of Impact Austin since 2005, served as a Board Member from 2011-2014, and presently works on the Marketing and Philanthropy Education Committees.  She is also a Seedling Foundation Board Member and Mentor. We can be sure this will be a lively and entertaining session and we look forward to your participation.


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