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Impact Austin Members in Community News-Cynthia Hoff

Collective giving is a wonderful way to practice philanthropy. One of the great side effects of gathering a group of philanthropic women together is that we also get to know them, and to celebrate their community service accomplishments with them!

Cynthia Hoff is a long-time member and supporter of Impact Austin. She has filled many roles in the organization, from Focus Area Committee (FAC) Co-Chair to unpaid staff photographer.

Recently, she was recognized by Seton Northwest Hospital as Lifetime Member! She received a very meaningful 12,000 hours recognition pin and her name is now inscribed forever on the Lifetime Members plaque in Seton’s offices.

The interview to the left is courtesy of Seton Hospital’s publication, “The Beacon.”

“I can say that I see the face of God every Wednesday, which is humbling and awesome,” Cynthia said with her beautiful smile.  

We congratulate Cynthia for her dedication, passion and recognition from Seton Northwest Hospital.

We encourage our Impact Austin members to inform us when you, or other members you know, are recognized for your service to the community.

Impact Austin would be proud to recognize these members and congratulate them!  Our congratulations may be in a blog post and/or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The Guidelines:

Eligible awards are for public or volunteer service in keeping with our philanthropic mission. No professional or business awards, please.The recipient must be a current Impact Austin Member.The award must have occurred within the last 60-90 days.

Contact to alert us to a civic or community award for a current member, and that will start the process. If you are recommending someone else, please include her contact email in your referral.


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