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Impact Austin Grant Season Has Begun!

Members of Impact Austin have begun the incredible process that plays a pivotal role in the success of this collective giving organization.

The Grant Review Committees have formed, the meetings have been scheduled and all of these volunteers and more will work together to produce ten amazing finalists for the entire membership to vote on in June 2016!

We recognize the leadership, commitment and hard work put in by each and every one of our volunteers, led by the following women.

2016 Grants Committee: Connie Lawyer, Chair

Becky Austen, Grants Technology Coordinator; Sheryl Brown, Nonprofit Coordinator; Kathryn Drew, Nonprofit Support; Laura Kane, Finalist Process Coordinator; Fay Evans-Martin, Grant Review Coordinator; Karen Porter, Grant Review Coordinator and Technology Support; Jacquie Shillis, Grants Training Coordinator; Kathrine Weaver, Technology Support.

Community Partner Liaisons: Mary Brooker, Chris Cavner, Debbie Dupin, Krista Fergason, Jeanie Haggerty, Jen Hornish, June Kissinger, Kathleen Mack, Judy MacKenzie

2016 Grant Review Committee Chairs:

(Many thanks to our meeting location sponsors who support our efforts so generously.)

Beverly MacNaughton and Melanie Fitzpatrick, Co-Chairs

Marla Whelan, Advisor

Meeting Location Sponsor: Texas Land Title Association

Gloria Devere and Katie Simoes, Co-Chairs

Brown, Advisor

Meeting Location Sponsor: St. Matthews Episcopal Church

Karen McLinden and Melissa Lorber, Co-Chairs

Sarah Swords, Advisor

Meeting Location Sponsor: St. Matthews Episcopal Church

Molly Muir and Susan Mack, Co-Chairs

Connie Lawyer, Advisor

Meeting Location Sponsor: Wind Energy Transmission Texas, LLC

Andi Snow-Weaver and Becky Austen, Co-Chairs

Meeting Location Sponsor: St. Matthews Episcopal Church

2016 Grants Finance Committee:

Kristin Alexander, Margaret Ballinger, Mary Blegen, Stefanie Cavanaugh, Val Kirk, Ferne Kyba, Joyce Lauck, Mary McKeown-Moak, Laure McLaughlin, Susan Morse, Nancy Mutscher, Tonya Netzley, Dipti Pandey, Phyllis Parmer, Crystal Reynolds, Tracy Snodgrass, and Linda Welsh.

Impact Austin could not function without the skilled work by these important volunteers and our organization thanks them for making collective giving such a success in Central Texas.  


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