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GRCs Start Deep-Dive Reviews

Impact Austin Grant Review Committees (GRCs) have now progressed to the next stage of review for Fall Grants: deep dive review.

Applications for fall funding were open from July 8 to August 2, and 56 proposals were received. GRCs are comprised of 47 Impact Austin members, including co-chairs and advisors, Grants totaling $188,400 will be awarded on November 15 at our Town Hall Meeting.

EQUITY GRANTS - 21 applications were initially reviewed. From those, the following 6 are advancing to the deep-dive stage. "We had a great group of members who contributed some very good comments regarding all of our applications," said co-chairs Risé Candelaria and Gloria Hughes.


Expanding AVANCE Austin's Evidence-Based Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP)


Providing Elementary Girls with Access to STEM Learning & Mentorship

Mama Sana Vibrant Woman

Capacity Building to Serve Women of Color for the Austin Maternal Health Equity

Collaborative (MHEC)


The Innocence Initiative

The New Philanthropists

Empowering Women of Color for Board Leadership

Todos Juntos Learning Center

Career Pathways for Immigrant and Refugee Women in Central Texas

HEALTH & WELL-BEING GRANTS - 35 applications were received and underwent initial review. From those, the following 6 are advancing to the next stage stage. Co-Chairs of the Health & Well-Being GRCs are Elaine Jensen and Margaret von Flatern.

Austin Clubhouse

Austin Clubhouse Adult Mental Wealth Initiative

Austin Recovery Network

Cultivating Resilience: Strengthening Austin Teen Recovery Community

Drive a Senior ATX and Senior Access

Pandemic Recovery: Medical Access for Homebound Seniors

Literacy Coalition of Central Texas

Literacy Coalition of Central Texas Parents & Little Scholars (PALS)

The Other Ones Foundation

Enhancing the Lives of Families Experiencing Homelessness

Transformations by Austin Angels

Case Manager



Grants Team Wants to Train Leaders

More than any other committee, our Grants team has built a strong structure and leadership pipeline. Leadership is open to all members, and new leaders are very welcome, with "shadow" positions (co-chairs in training) offered. Reach out if you'd like to participate in the administration of this amazing team.

Girls Giving Grants will Register New Members until Sep 23

Through Sep 23, new members are invited to register for Girls Giving Grants, Impact Austin’s youth initiative. Girls in grades 8-12 are welcome to join, and community service hours may be offered. All the details are here on our website. In June, g3 surpassed $100,000 in grants supporting Austin-area youth. Read about their impact here.


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