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Get in the “Zone” with Impact Austin!

Impact Austin’s “Zone” initiative kicked off in the spring and members from across the greater Austin area are enjoying the opportunity to participate in a range of new activities.

Impact Austin zones were developed around zip codes to create and foster a deep sense of community to enhance the membership experience and strengthen the organization. With Impact Austin membership now including hundreds of women spread across an ever-growing metro area, the neighborhood zones allow all of us to more easily attend events and connect with the organization – and each other – through small, casual, regular events throughout the year.

The leadership of each zone is working hard to create a diverse range of events that will appeal to the varied interests of our members. Events on the docket for fall include potluck dinners, membership coffees and orientations, brunch meetings, happy hours at venues unique to each neighborhood and so much more! Members are invited to participate as much, or as little, as they like to get the most from their Impact Austin experience.

Also, you’re welcome to participate in more than one zone so that you can attend events that work best for you closer to home, work or other commitments. If you want to connect with your zone captain or join an additional zone, please reach out to the appropriate contacts here and they’ll get you started!

We hope to see you at an event soon!


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