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g3 Announces New Scholarship Fund!

By Emma Jane Hopper, Liberal Arts & Sciences Academy Junior and g3 President

Impact Austin’s youth initiative Girls Giving Grants (g3) has launched a new t-shirt fundraising campaign to provide scholarships for girls wanting to take part in the group but unable to contribute the $100 donation.

This new scholarship program will allow girls who otherwise could not afford it the life changing experience that is g3. The scholarship girls won't be singled out as such as the recipients of the aid won't be disclosed to the group. As applications roll around for the 2017-2018 year of Girls Giving Grants, my final year, there will be an opportunity for applicants to request a scholarship. Eligibility will be determined by whether they are in the federal free/reduced lunch program and winners will be chosen based on their responses to a short essay, likely about why they want to join g3 and why a scholarship is important to them.

Girls Giving Grants has been an instrumental part in forming who I am as a person. Through g3 I've learned how to lead, how to be confident, and how to make friends. I started g3 in eighth grade and I'm now wrapping up my fourth year with the program. I've gone from awkward first year to discussion leader and that's all thanks to the wonderful, supportive atmosphere that g3 provides.

Throughout my years here, as I've described the program to my peers, the one issue that's stuck out to people over and over is the monetary aspect of the program. To join g3 a girl has to be able to provide $100 for her fair share of the grant money. It’s a vital part of giving what we do purpose, but it also unfortunately prevents girls who belong in our program but cannot afford it from joining.

This year g3 changes that. Each year the girls have an opportunity to purchase a g3 shirt near the end of the year. The shirts for 2016-2017 were designed by member Haley Justiz and selected by g3 from nine total designs. The shirts cost $6.50 each to make but they cost $20 each for the girls to buy. The difference will be used for a scholarship fund for girls who want to join g3 but can't financially. The shirts are projected to bring in $1,020 and, when the expense of producing the shirts is taken away, there should be enough money made to create six scholarships for applicants next year.

I've always been proud of g3. It's a part of my identity. I'm so happy to be able to say that before I leave for college I'll be able to know that g3 is an experience available to anyone who wants it, regardless of financial background.

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