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If you are an Impact Austin member, this information may be familiar to you since it was in the September E-Newsletter, but we know not everyone gets or reads the newsletter and we often need to hear news from several different sources!

Impact Austin is excited to announce a change to our grantmaking process that will enable all qualified nonprofits to apply for a program grant in the focus area of their choosing. We are discontinuing the rotation of focus areas in our program grants and consolidating from five to three focus areas. They are Community, Education, and Health & Well-Being.

The graphic below illustrates the changes.

Catalyst Grants will continue with funding at the same level as our program grants, to underscore the importance of providing support for the long-term viability of nonprofit organizations. Capacity building grants like Impact Austin’s Catalyst Grant provide funds for organizations to strengthen operations, increase sustainability, and take their programs or services to the next level.

You may wonder why Catalyst Grants have become one of the pillars of our grant structure. It is because this is the kind of funding that nonprofits have told us they urgently need to improve services to their clients and build long-term sustainability. It is also because Impact Austin is dedicated to grassroots, responsive, cutting-edge grantmaking.

Our members will be hearing from the Catalyst Grant winners at various events, sharing what our grant made it possible for them to do and how our support strengthened their futures.

It is a powerful thing to help build the future, and congratulations to all of Impact Austin’s new, renewing and sustaining members...You are making it happen.


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