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Exciting Grant News Coming Soon!

As the Impact Austin grant year progresses and we get closer to the Annual Meeting in June where Finalists become Grant Winners, many people are getting excited and asking, “So, what happens next?”

The answer is…a great deal!

The Grant Review Committees (GRCs) have been evaluating the full grant applications from their chosen nonprofits, and are quickly coming to a decision on which of them to take to the site visit level.

Have you ever been on a site visit? It is the opportunity members of each GRC get to visit the nonprofit applicant’s offices, get a feel for what they do and how they do it, and most importantly, to ask any questions that the group has left after the application evaluation.

Many members say it is their favorite part of the GRC experience. 

This is what the GRC’s have been up to since the first of the year. 

Meeting Schedule for Family, Environment, Education and Culture: Meeting # 1:  Week of January 11th:       Kickoff and LOI Distribution Meeting # 2:  Week of January 25th:       LOI Vote Meeting # 3:  Week of February 22nd:    Grant Training and Distribution Meeting # 4:  Week of March 28th:         Grant Vote and Site Visit Selection Site Visits:     April 14th, 15th, 16th          Members Visit Nonprofit Candidates Meeting # 5:  Week of April 25th:            Finalists Vote

Meeting Schedule for Catalyst: Meeting # 1:  February 17                     Catalyst Training and Distribution Meeting # 2:  March 2                            Catalyst Grant Review Meeting # 3:  March 30                          Grant Vote and Site Visit Selection Site Visits: April 14th, 15th, 16th          Members Visit Nonprofit Candidates Meeting # 4:  April 27th                          Finalists Vote

Stay tuned, because Site Visit recipients will be announced soon, and from there, it gets very exciting as the members who are on the GRCs decide which two nonprofits in each area will be presented to the entire membership in early June for its final vote. If you haven’t attended an Impact Austin Annual Meeting before, don’t miss it! If you have, then come again!

The energy of the Annual Meeting is a highlight of Impact Austin’s year and we love getting so many of our members together in one room.

Save the Date e-notifications will be going out to all members, and of course, you can look right here on the website for details as soon as they are set.

Thank you to all of our GRC members, who are making the Impact Austin process work once more to produce wonderful finalists for the membership to choose from.


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