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Endowment Creates Permanence for Impact Austin

The Board of Directors of Impact Austin is excited to announce the establishment of The Rebecca Warren Powers Endowment for Impact Austin.

At a recent luncheon that included Impact Austin leadership, founding members and long-time supporters, Rebecca Powers announced she was making the first private donation to the fund in honor of the five members who founded Impact Austin with her in 2003.

Impact Austin seeded the endowment and established it with the Austin Community Foundation, a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization, to ensure professional financial advisors will always manage it.

Impact Austin leadership gave long and careful consideration to establishing an endowment and is pleased to take this step to ensure the permanence of our organization. The endowment also provides a vehicle through which supporters wishing to make major gifts, including gifts through their wills, can be secure in knowing their donations will wisely and efficiently support the operations and grant-making mission of Impact Austin in perpetuity.

We are enthusiastic about what the future holds for Impact Austin and wanted to share this news with you, our members! We’ll share more details of our endowment with you at our annual meeting, and we’ll have a more public announcement coming in the fall as part of a philanthropy education event.

In the interim, should you have any questions or wish to discuss a donation to the endowment, please contact Sara Pantin, Endowment Committee Chair, at  

More information can be found at “Give” on this website.


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