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Community Partner Spotlight on VSA Texas

VSA Texas was our 2015 Culture Grant winner for its innovative program - Body Shift.

Recognized on a national level for excellent and groundbreaking programming, VSA Texas is specifically designed to serve per year 10,000 adults and children over age five who often face physical, social and attitudinal barriers to participation in the arts. Their goal is to provide support and training to the public, enhance personal growth, and offer everyone access to engaging and cutting edge creative work by people of all abilities. 

The 2015 Impact Austin Culture grant was used to fund the Body Shift program.  Body Shift is VSA Texas’ nationally unique program in mixed-ability dance led in partnership with Forklift Danceworks. Mixed-ability dance is part of both the disability culture and contemporary dance movements. By leading improvisational dance classes and creating performances where bodies of all kinds are embraced and celebrated, VSA Texas seeks to decrease the prejudice and misconceptions about disability in the field of dance and in society at large and improve the health and well-being of all of the participants.

Watch and see what Body Shift does!

For more information, visit:

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