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2020 Grant Season - Starting Strong!

On December 11, the Impact Austin Grants Committee collected Letters of Inquiry for three Program Grants and full applications for the Catalyst Grant. The 2020 grant application season is now closed. All awards will be $100,000 each, and they will boost our total grantmaking beyond $7 million! Our membership will make final determinations by vote at our June 8 Annual Meeting.

Here is the final count on 2020 grant submissions. Last year's submission numbers are in parentheses.

Community Grant - 20 Letters of Inquiry (26 for 2019)

Education - 31 Letters of Inquiry (32 for 2019)

Health and Well-Being Grant - 43 Letters of Inquiry (33 for 2019)

Catalyst Grant = 22 applications (28 for 2019)

Total submissions = 116 Letters of Inquiry and applications (119 for 2019)

Grant Review Committees (GRCs) are now forming, and training will soon commence. Stay tuned to our blogs and social media for progress reports during the review process!


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