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Spring Grant Review Begins

On February 8, Impact Austin closed the window for spring grant applications. On the same day, registration closed for spring Grant Review Committees (GRCs). Here is the outlook for the spring grant season "by the numbers."


to enhance economic, social, environmental or cultural initiatives

21 applications under review

26 members, plus two chairs and one advisor, on the GRC


to enhance education and learning

20 applications under review

27 members, plus two chairs and one advisor, on the GRC

Starting this week, each GRC will meet four times from February to May, not including site visits during April 21-23. All meetings for both GRCs are virtual due to the recent COVID Omicron surge.

In preparation for the spring grants cycle, the GRCs have been participating in several Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) learning sessions led by Dr. Alejandra Rodriquez Mielke, who has over 20 years of experience in DEIB and social justice. These trainings included an informative overview session entitled “Introduction to DEIB for Equity in Grantmaking”, a thought-provoking session on “ Equality, Equity, and Systemic Racism in Austin," and a third session on “ Unconscious Bias & Power Imbalances in Grantmaking.” The webinars provided an opportunity for grant reviewers to gain a deeper understanding of important DEIB topics and to improve their review process when making selection decisions.

During our June 6 Annual Meeting, Impact Austin will award a total of $188,600 across both focus areas. Two finalists will have been selected in each focus area and voted upon electronically by the membership. The finalist in each focus area receiving the majority votes will be awarded a restricted grant of $75,500 (for the purpose proposed in their grant application) and the other finalist will be awarded an unrestricted grant of $18,800.

The Fall Grant cycle will kick off in late June with a Nonprofit Workshop. Grant applications will open July 8 for the focus areas of Equity and Health & Well-Being. Registration for Fall Grant Review Committees will open on the same date.


​Learn more about Impact Austin Grantmaking and Grant Review Committees.

Find information on all current and past grants here.


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