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Social Innovation Grant Cycle Now Open

Each year in June, Impact Austin awards high-impact Program Grants in three focus areas – Community, Education, and Health and Well-Being. At the same time, we award our Catalyst Grant, which funds capacity building to strengthen and grow nonprofit organizations.

Coming up in November 2019, Impact Austin will offer our first-ever Social Innovation Grant (SIG). This new high-impact grant will invest in a collaborative focused on advancing equity for women and girls of color in Central Texas. Proposals for the SIG will be solicited and evaluated from August to October. The Social Innovation Grant amount for 2019 is $110,000, and it will be awarded on November 6, 2019 by a vote of Impact Austin’s full membership.

There are a few key differences between the Social Innovation Grant and other Impact Austin grants.  

* First, because we believe in the value of collaboration for greater impact, the SIG will be awarded to a collaborative, not an individual organization. A qualifying collaborative must consist of at least two entities, at least one of these a 501(c)(3), working together for a common goal. This collaboration can be a new or existing program with entities currently partnering together for a collective outcome. Or, the collaboration can be a formal, community/organization with established membership. The proposed project can be the implementing of a solution or defining a solution.

* Second, the Social Innovation Grant has a specific target audience/objective. The proposed project/initiative must be directly aimed at improving the quality of life and opportunities for women and/or girls of color in Central Texas. Ideal applicants will be able to provide specific examples of impact to beneficiaries across a diverse set of ethnic groups.


* Third, the Social Innovation Grant will follow a different schedule and a streamlined evaluation process.

What is not different about the Social Innovation Grant?  

* The high standards expected from any Impact Austin award recipients * The Grant Review Committee comprised of Impact Austin members to evaluate applicants * The practice that each Impact Austin member may  to cast her vote for  the final grant recipient

The SIG Grant cycle opened Thursday, August 15 and applications are due on September 16 at 5:00 PM. An informational webinar was offered to interested nonprofits on August 15, and the same information is available on our website. Questions about the SIG  may be directed to Michelle Rankin. Queries about other Impact Austin grants should be directed to


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