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President Rebekah Bonde and Impact Austin in the News!

Several members of Impact Austin recently attended the Women’s Collective Giving Grantmakers Network (WCGN)* conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

They had a fabulous time, connected with and learned from women’s philanthropy groups throughout the nation, and made meaningful friendships.

Impact Austin Board President Rebekah Bonde reflected on this experience and her journey with Impact Austin.  All of these events combined inspired Rebekah to write an article that was recently published by Huffington Post.

Click the title to read “Leveraged Learning for Transformational Giving” in its entirety. 

The reaction has been extremely positive, and hearing all of the resulting praise, Rebekah says, “Thanks, everyone, for your nice words. This is a celebration of everyone’s hard work over the years. It’s about our Founder, our ED, our leadership team, and probably hundreds of women who are or who have been (and maybe would like to be) members of this dynamic organization.

“The Huffington Post opportunity came about because of my participation as a board member in WCGN and meeting people who know people. The next WCGN conference is in Jacksonville, FL in March 2017, and I encourage each of you to consider attending if you are able!”

Congratulations, Rebekah. You spoke out eloquently and we are proud of you.

* Later note: WCGN


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