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Our Most Original Zones Gathering Yet!

On April 19, Impact Austin's Zones team hosted a boxing lesson taught by member Robin Krumme. Fifteen of us had a blast learning and practicing the moves. And there was such joy in being together in person with members we've only seen on Zoom!

To begin the boxing lesson, we warmed up by introducing ourselves and naming a favorite superhero and why we identified with her/him. Next we learned basic boxing punches, starting with the jab and cross and adding the hook and then the uppercut. Robin had us practice defensive moves and then challenged us to put it all together with combinations. Some wore boxing gloves and practiced on heavy bags. Others shadowboxed. All of us were out of breath from time to time, but great music (and Robin's encouragement) kept us going. Finally, we cooled down on our yoga mats with stretches and relaxation.

Robin regularly teaches boxing to people with Parkinson's and movement disorders. Learn more about this program at 413 Fitness.

If your philanthropic heart is inspired to support fitness and movement for people with Parkinson's, consider Stronger than Parkinson's.


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