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Meet our Philanthropy Operations Manager

We welcome Alyssa Reyna to Impact Austin

Alyssa (Ah-lee-sa) Reyna has a background in executive administration, management, and finance. For the last eight years of her career, she has focused on optimizing internal workflows, managing teams and projects, and developing and implementing efficient business systems that enhance productivity in businesses of all sizes.

Alyssa has worked as Business Development Manager with the African American Leadership Institute (AALI) in Austin. Other Impact Austin women leaders have also been part of AALI, including Demetria Caston, Carmaleta McKinnis-Williams, Nakeenya Wilson, and Meme Styles.

Alyssa holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and a Master of Science in Management and Public Administration and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Management in Organizational Development and Change, all from Colorado Technical University. She was born and raised in Central Texas and calls Texas home. Alyssa is a mom of her two children, Jayden and Bella, who make the BEST traveling partners!

Connect with Alyssa on LinkedIn until you have the opportunity to welcome her at an upcoming Impact Austin event.


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