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Introducing the FY 2016 Directors of Impact Austin’s Board

Each year, a very special group of Impact Austin members work behind the scenes for the benefit of the entire membership.  In a continuing series of blog posts, we are introducing you to these talented women and hope that this will allow you to get to know them a little better.  You met the Officers in our last “Introducing” article. 

Now, meet the Directors of the Impact Austin Board!

Lisa Apfelberg

Executive Director and Nonprofit Consultant

I am very passionate about all non-profits, having been a non- profit professional in Austin for over a decade.  I was looking to make an even bigger impact on Austin's community and city so when an opportunity came to join the Impact Austin Board, I was thrilled to jump in. I truly believe that through our grants, we touch so many parts of our local community and I want to do everything I can to support our efforts.

I've lived in Austin for fourteen years and in addition to volunteering with or working for local non- profits, I'm busy raising my two children and our many pets.

Betsy Blair

President, Cielo Azul Foundation, Community Volunteer

I am a true Texas girl - born and raised in Dallas and an Austinite since 1974.  

I have been an Impact Austin member for twelve years and am a passionate supporter of the organization. I have served in many different capacities within the organization, including Grants Chair, Volunteer Management Co-Chair and Grants Innovation Chair. Impact Austin has given me the opportunity to use my time and talents, as well as introducing me to some of the most amazing women in Austin. 

Happily retired since 2009 from a career in the high tech industry, I now focus on volunteering, traveling, knitting, reading and tennis, tennis, tennis!!!

Sarah Elliott

Founder, Ellivate Advisors, LLC

After practicing as a CPA for fourteen years, I woke up one morning and realized that what inspires me is not technical accounting, but the people side of my business as it relates to developing our future leaders, supporting women’s success in leadership and driving the benefits of a flexible work model in our profession.

As a result, I founded Ellivate Advisors, an advisory firm dedicated to providing strategic services to CPA firms nationwide and helping them attract and retain top talent. I feel blessed to be pursuing a career I love that provides me with the ability to fulfill my philanthropic passions as well! 

Laura Kane

Vice President, Crockett National Bank

I’m excited to start my third year on the Impact Austin Board of Directors and celebrate my seventh year of Grant making through Impact Austin! I have been fortunate to work with many Impact Austin members by serving and/or chairing a Focus Area Committee each year and working on the Grant Finance team. My favorite committee thus far has been the inaugural Catalyst Grant Committee last year. I love how innovative our group is and to say “Impact Austin was the first,” in offering such a large capacity building grant in Austin, is such an honor! 

I am a founding team member and Vice President of the Austin division for Crockett National Ban