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Impact Austin Member Spotlight on Linda Yang

New members are the lifeblood of Impact Austin, infusing innovative ideas and energy to support our mission to transform the Austin community through collective giving. As one of Impact Austin’s brand new members, Linda Yang has already jumped in to provide valuable insight on the marketing committee and is serving as one of the co-chairs of Discovery Day on January 12, 2019.

Meet Linda and learn more about her and her journey with Impact Austin in this member spotlight interview!

What do you do in your professional life?

For the last 10 years, I served as Director of Operations and Retirement Plan Consultant for a growing registered investment advisor (RIA) firm. Being involved in so many aspects of the business since its inception gave me a lot of ideas about how to empower people in organizations and help firms grow. Last year, I chose to leave my post and began consulting with RIA firms. As a consultant, I quickly realized I get really attached to the work I do and the people involved. Silicon Hills Wealth Management was my first consulting project and they won me over. I now work for them full time as Director of Program Development. From marketing and partner relationships to strategic growth and impact building, I work closely with our team to raise organizational awareness and develop sustainable, scalable programs that further the firm’s mission.

How did you hear about Impact Austin and why did you decide to join?

When I came on board at Silicon Hills Wealth Management, one of my first goals was to revamp the website. To do that, I needed to figure out a cohesive story that brought together this diverse group of successful wealth advisors with different backgrounds. After seeing the breadth of their charitable contributions and sponsorships, I realized they all share a tremendous heart for helping others and the community – beyond what I’ve experienced in the industry. With the firm’s support, I started thinking about which organizations I could personally get involved. As a woman in financial services (a very male-dominated industry), I really look up to longtime Impact Austin member and Silicon Hills Wealth Advisor, Pam Friedman. I naturally gravitated toward the organizations she supports and found the women of Impact Austin not only energized and inspired me, they showed me the incredible impact women can make when we give together.

How are you involved and what do you hope to accomplish through your work with Impact Austin?

After attending the new member orientation and hearing Rebecca Powers speak, I was so inspired about Impact Austin that I emailed my entire neighborhood to tell them about it! Shortly after, I was encouraged to join the marketing committee and soon found myself volunteering to co-chair Discovery Day – even though I haven’t even been to one! I love connecting people and resources, bringing out the best in others and organizations. With a toddler taking up most of what used to be free time, I love that Impact Austin enables me to commit what time I’m able. For this year, I’m dedicated to helping make Discovery Day a success! This is our signature event that enables all members – current and prospective – to learn, connect, and engage with each other alongside local philanthropic leaders. I am really excited to learn from our lineup of dynamic speakers!

What is your superpower?

I create meaning and structure out of ambiguity. In every aspect of my life, I instinctively see how things piece together. With people, I’m able to identify strengths they may not even realize exist. I’m basically a big data collector and processor, always listening and observing for seemingly disparate information to come together to make a stronger whole – whether that’s in an organization, a system, a person, or a story.


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