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Impact Austin Member Spotlight on Jane Nolden

Jane Nolden is a lovely woman who brings her intellect and sparkle to everything she does. She is also one of Impact Austin’s famed “Kitchen Table Six!” We caught up with her between projects and travels.

Jane, how did you become involved in that first, small group of women that would grow into hundreds over the years?

“I was walking the Capitol 10K with Phylis Donelson, a good friend of Rebecca Powers (Impact Austin Founder), and she shared the concept of creating a nonprofit where each of 100 members would donate $1000. The money would be pooled and given away in an impactful $100,000 gift to the community.” 

“Immediately, I said, I’m in…Sign me up!”

“I joined Rebecca, Phylis, Cindy Moreland, Nancy Word and Glenda Holmstrom, and the design and foundation of Impact Austin came together as we built and dreamed at a kitchen table back in 2003.”

What roles have you filled at Impact Austin besides founding member?

“I was a member of the original board in year one of Impact Austin, and Co-Chaired the Education Focus Area Committee (FAC) with Melissa Gray. I was the Site Visit Lead and participant that year. Since then, I have been an FAC participant for two years, Discovery Day Chair for four years, Membership Committee participant, Volunteer Management Committee Member, Annual Meeting Vote Counter, and an Annual Meeting Greeter!” 

What is your profession?

“I work for Dell and lead our Customer Experience team for North America and Global Sales.”

What other nonprofits are you affiliated with?

“I am a former Board Member of Jeremiah Program and Eagle’s Wings.”

Tell us a little about your family!

“I’m the proud mom of Katherine Nolden, Assistant District Attorney in Collin County, Texas.  She loves her work and I love that she looks at crime and punishment as a way to change a person’s life and help them to become a contributing member of society. She is passionate, loving and kind and I am blessed to be her mom!”

 “I also have a Grand-Dog named Winston, who is an English bulldog and he is the most precious and sweet dog!  He is cherished all the time and teaches us always that life is better when you chill.”

What is the most important thing you have learned by being an Impact Austin member, and what is your favorite thing you have done with the organization?

“Impact Austin has educated me on the power of collective giving, provided me insight into community nonprofits, and has given me an opportunity to serve in an organization that is driving change in the world where we live.” 

“My favorite part of being an Impact Austin member is sharing my passion for being a part of such an incredible and credible organization that has opportunities for everyone who wants to be involved.”

“Serving as Discovery Day chair has provided me the opportunity to work with passionate, ordinary women who together create a highly impactful event for our membership.” 

“Personally, I think Discovery Day is one of the best events Impact Austin provides its members. It provides such a rich educational experience that helps us learn about key issues facing the Austin area in our varied focus areas (Education, Family, Health & Wellness, Environment, Culture).  Each year I walk away with new facts, insights, and information that enables me to be more informed about Austin and our community.”

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

“Well, they might not be surprised that I like travel, but perhaps that I like it so much! Recently I have had the treat of experiencing Tipon, Oropesa and Sacsayhuaman...ancient Inca sites in Cusco, Peru. It was beautiful and fascinating! Exploring Lima and Machu Picchu with friends is something I will never forget.”

“Last fall I toured Ireland and fell in love with the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher while exploring Dublin, Belfast and the beautiful countryside.”

“I hope that more travel is in my future…and I think it is!”

Impact Austin women come from all walks of life, but they all believe that they can do more together to improve their community than they can do alone!


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