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We were thrilled to see the recent article Michael Barnes of the Austin American-Statesman wrote about four Impact Austin members who have taken their philanthropic learning to the next level.

You can read Mr. Barnes’ article here.

Impact Austin leadership has always known that advanced philanthropy is a benefit of becoming a member and being involved in the grant-making process. Our members learn about the features of a good program, about the needs of their community, and are often exposed to many nonprofits that are new to them.

Our members make excellent board members and volunteers for local nonprofits because they know and have identified with the core mission and values of these organizations through their work on the grant review committees.

It has been said that even one year of participation in an Impact Austin grant review committee gives our members the equivalent of a first level certificate in philanthropy. Multi-year members reap additional rewards and learn more as they research different nonprofits and meet more of the community that is involved in or helped by their programs. It is a win-win for everyone involved, and Impact Austin is dedicated to acting as a progressive leader in women’s philanthropy, bringing new resources to the community and making philanthropy accessible.

Through high-impact grant-making, we engage, develop and inspire women to effect positive change. Is this an activity you would enjoy? Join Impact Austin and help us make our community a better place to live, work, and learn.


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